Sunday Nov 21st, 2021

10 min EMOM. Every minute

-10 slant board squats with feet  under hips or narrower


Lean plates against a stable surface (such as other plates) to create  your slantboard.

More Regressions here


Keep the torso straight and spine long. Use assistance from pole or PVC pipe if you need it.

Add weight on subsequent rounds (goblet squat style) if you are very comfortable.

If you get to 25% of your body weight, stay at that weight and perfect your form for the remaining sets




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Thursday Nov 18th, 2021

For Time:

-10 rounds of “DT” + 200/160 calorie row (180 cal for mixed pairs)

-AMRAP burpee and KB swings in remaining time.


One round of “DT” is:

-12 Deadlifts, 155/105

-9 Hang power cleans

-6 Push jerks


-Partners will work simultaneously- one on “DT,” while the other is on the rower. Athletes will switch places after each completed round of “DT.” If “DT” is completed before the calorie row, partners may switch who is working at will and partition the remaining calories however they choose.


This workout will run on a 20-minute clock. Once the DT/row portion of the workout has been completed, partners will have the remaining time to perform as many rounds and reps as possible of:

-20 lateral Burpees over the erg

-20 KB swings


-For the AMRAP portion of the workout after completing the “”DT””/calories on the rower, one partner works while one rests. Partners may switch who is working at will and partition the reps however they choose.


The main goal of this WOD is for members to find the “pull” or triple extension portion of the clean.  Hang cleans under fatigue should focus their options, but coaches may still need to help with cues.  Effective cues will vary greatly according to experience of the member and coach.  At the very least, they get time handling the bar safely under high effort perception.

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Tuesday Nov 16th, 2021

WOD 1 : (End with 20 min to spare in class) Perform 5 sets of the work mobility combo that is appropriate for your level.  You will know you are at the right level when you can move with good form, continuously through 5 sets with minimal rest, although it may be challenging.

Use the mastery chart so scale within a combo to a work set rep range that is appropriate for you.

Mobility reps always stay the same.  In the mastery chart, if the target reps are 5, use the row with 5 reps as the goal to scale to the rep scheme closest to  your level if you are unable to complete 5 sets of 5 reps


Warm up 2 =

-10 x 5 s descent squats

-10 side to side squat.


WOD 2;  Barefoot recommended. Grip floor with feet and raise arches of  foot

On a 10-minute running clock:


-2 minutes of v-sit slides (legs vertical)

-2 minutes of arms overhead squats

-90 seconds of V-sit slides (legs angled)

-90 seconds of arms overhead squats

-1 minute of hollow rocks

-1 minute of arms overhead squats

-30 seconds of hollow rocks

-30 seconds of arms overhead squats


Aim for quality of motion. Don’t go to failure before the last round, keep rest short, but rest as frequently as you need to maintain quality.


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Monday Nov 15th, 2021


-15s banded sprint march.

-1 min rest

Emphasize arm action and dorsiflexion. Start the first 2 round as a smooth  build up in cadence


WOD 2:  The goal of WOD 2 is for you to experiment with load and surfaces. Move smoothly in round 1. Load up in round 2

2 R

-15s max sled bear crawl

-rest 1 min

-15 max sled pull through

-rest 1 min

-15s max reverse sled drag

-rest 1 min

-15s max lateral sled drag

-rest 1 min

-15s max lateral sled drag other side

-rest 1 min

-15s max sled push

-rest as needed before next round


WOD 3:

Max rounds in remaining time

-30s sled push

-60s backwards sled walk

Rest at least 90s between efforts. Take more if you need it.

You will likely need different weights for forward and backward

Increase weight each round as able.

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Thursday Nov 11th, 2021

10:00 AMRAP

-16 side to side squat

-200m run

-10 pull ups


2:00 Rest


10:00 AMRAP

-10 burpee box jumps

-200m run

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