Home Upper Body Blast

Greetings Campers. Move to stay healthy, lift your spirits and energy levels, feel accomplished, improve your sleep, feel younger, enhance activities you love to do like running, tennis, skating, rock climbing etc…. it doesn’t even to be hours. Even just 10-30 minutes of strength training a few days a week.  Here is a simple workout to try at home while we are locked down, of if you don’t have time to make to your gym. (this is an upper body biased workout)
3-5 rounds
10-20  Handstand shoulder taps
10-20 Single arm Kettle bell swings per arm
8-12  Rows per arm in a 3 pt stance
5-10 Downward Dog pushups
8-10 Alternating KB Halos
8-12 Plank to pushups


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Ankle Mobility and Strength Exercises

As requested, lets talk about Ankles! We all have em, and most of us have had some type of sprain/twist in the past….
Here are few mobility and strength exercise that I try to sprinkle in my workouts/warmups.
Enjoy! xoxo
pike squats- gentle bounce with straight legs ( feet together) gentle bounce at bottom of squat, lift heels off the ground to get those achilles
band dorsiflexion stretch- use a band or towel and pull your toes toward your shins
knee wall touches- See how far you can bring your foot from the wall, but keeping the knee touching the wall and gently stretch.
downward dog- gently try to get your heels to the floor- you can pedal you feet out too
calf raises- toes out, toes in, feet neutral
single leg calf raises
lateral hops
single leg hops
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Thursday Home Workout

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Movement is medicine. It lifts your spirits, reduces stress, picks up your energy levels, improves your sleep, I could go on an on!
Here’s a workout I did this week. All you need is a dumbbell or kettle bell and some wall space.
Try 3 rounds
handstand kick ups
broad jumps
1/2 kneeling kb/db press right
1/2 kneeling kb/db press left
lateral hops (2 single hop and triple hop combo)
Table Top shoulder taps ( keep your knees off the ground)
Wall Sit KB calf raise
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Upper Body Kettlebell Workout

Smoke is clearing and the rain is back. Most of my favorite things to do are outside, so on days like this I jump on the opportunity to stay indoors and smash a workout.
I’m sharing an upper body workout that requires a moderately heavy kettlebell or dumbbell.
We have kettle bell club classes at the gym that are perfect for beginners up to advanced athletes… Check one out this Fall! First class is free, just message us!
Grab your favorite workout partner or support animal haha and lets go!!
3-5 Rounds
10-12 reps Body weight dips ( fingers pointed out to keep your shoulders externally rotated and keep your body close to the bench.
5-8 KB Strict Press per arm
8-10 reps per arm KB Three point row- squeeze your shoulder blade into your spine.
10-12 KB Pushup – keep your elbows in and don’t almost fall on your face and slip like I did
10-12 Overhead KB Triceps press- don’t let those elbows flare out
Cool down with  a minute or two  of Down Dog Toe touches…
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Tuesday Home Workout

Reset. Adapt. Keep Smiling
Here’s a fun bodyweight workout you can do at home this week. With the smokey and poor air quality along with the pandemic, we understand it might be tough getting to the gym. Hope this helps you to keep moving. Movement is medicine, a great way to lift up your spirits! I love you guys.. big hugs!
For Time 2 rounds:
120 Butt kickers
100 Pop Squats
80 Lateral Plank Jumps
60 Bulgarian Split Squats ( 30 each leg )
40 Shoulder Handstand Taps
Sharing is Caring!