Our selection of classes are designed to fit anyone's needs, from competitive professionals to couch potatoes looking to change their life! Our mission is always to promote maximum fitness, focus and fun!

Fitness Classes

Group Strength and Conditioning ( all levels)

Group Strength and Conditioning classes are the core program at PDXstrength.  GS&C classes build effective form and techniques for functional movement. Participation in these classes develops endurance, flexibility, stamina, strength,speed,coordination, power, accuracy, balance, and agility.   As athletes advance, they will be challenged to progress toward gymnastic, weightlifting, and functional movements that require more specialized skills. We use everything from kettle bells, barbells, tires, sleds, slam balls, medicine balls, dumbbells, body weight exercises, rings, ropes and outdoor obstacles when weather permits.

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Think of Bootcamp, as adult recess! You will be smiling and laughing from all the fun you have sweating with our amazing coaches! Bootcamps are offered for athletes that may shy away from technical barbell and high skilled gymnastics work. Bootcamps are for athletes that crave a  workout that they can feel comfortable and work safely at a moderate pace! We put emphasis on mastering the squat, lunge, push, press, pull and lots of creative body weight exercise, while giving your that sweaty workout you crave. While these classes move at a quick pace, they’re highly scaleable and appropriate for  all levels. Beginners will learn how to safely train with proper form and technique, while advanced athletes can use this class as a lighter workout. We use everything from kettle bells, barbells, tires, sleds, slam balls, medicine balls, dumbbells, body weight exercises, rings, ropes and outdoor obstacles when weather permits.

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Open Gym

Have a specific workout in mind that you’re just DYING to try? Open Gym is your chance to do that. Lab hour is a time set aside for you to develop skills or get in a little extra strength work. This is not a structured class, but an instructor or volunteer will be available for input , ideas and any questions you may have. Lab Hours are for members of PDXstrength and nonmembers are welcome too, please sign up online so that an instructor will be available to keep the space open for you.

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Kettlebell Club

If you’re looking for a fun workout that incorporates strength training, conditioning, and aerobic endurance all in one, take a Kettlebell Club class. Our Kettlebell Club class consists of a full body warm-up, and progresses into teaching the foundation kettlebell lifts (swing, squat, clean, snatch, deadlift, press, various weighted carries and the Turkish Get Up) along with bodyweight movements such as pushups, planks, and pull-ups. Proficiency in these foundation lifts will ensure your success in increasing your strength and improving overall work capacity. Classes also include a conditioning segment guaranteed to get your heart rate up while building a solid foundation in form and technique. This class is held both outdoors and indoors depending on the season and weather. Almost any level can take this class, The intensity of the class can be modified by using different sizes of kettlebells and scaling according to fitness level. For this reason most beginners and those with experience can participate in the same class.

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Run Club

At PDXstrenth Run Club sessions, you'll find encouragement, guidance, and a local crew of runners thats main purpose is to socialize, get a little sweaty, and enjoy 2-5 miles at a comfortable pace. We’re not out to race, we just really like running with great people. All you’ll need to get going is a good pair shoes, a smile, and a signed waiver. There is no cost to join, just sign up on MindBody so our coaches know who is coming! This is for PDXstrength members and nonmembers. This club is for those who love running or those who want to start running.  This club is for all levels, and no matter what your pace... you are destined to have some fun times! Starts early Summer and stops early Fall.

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A Vinyasa style Flow emphasizing the connection between the breath, centeredness & flowing movement. Flows are designed to Increase body awareness, balance, strength and flexibility. Perfect for all levels, and athletes looking for a meditative practice to recover and decrease stress.

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HIIT stands for ”High Intensity Interval Training". Every second in this class is  upbeat, fun and super charged! Burn through explosive cardio and bodyweight drills and rise to the high intensity challenge! Incinerates your goals in 45 min flat! This class is for all levels. If you shy away from high impact movements, we have no problem modifying these workouts for you.

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Stand Up Paddle Board Fitness

PDXstrength is proud to offer seasonal SUP fitness classes. Stand Up Paddle Boarding is low impact, a great workout, and gets you on the water enjoying nature. SUP classes are not included in our PDXstrength gym membership.

Key points and FAQ’s
Cost: $25 for 60 minute lesson and class. Includes: Paddle board, Life jacket, a short introduction to paddle boarding on land.
FAQ’s for SUP Fitness:
If I have never been on a SUP  can I still attend the class? YES! We will do an introduction to paddling before getting on your board allowing a short time to settle in on the water before class.
What do I wear: You can dress just like you would for a fitness or yoga class. Yoga pants, swimsuit/shorts, anything water wicking works well as you may get wet. Sunscreen, towel, water and water socks optional preference.
What if I can’t swim? Life jackets will be provided for everyone’s use and will be required to at least have on the board. You are welcome to wear them during class and this will not take away from your experience.Am I going to fall in? The answer is probably not. However, when you are trying some of the more advanced techniques which will be optional, you may run a higher risk of getting wet…..FUN.Can I bring my own board? YES! Don’t forget your lifejacket, all must have a life jacket on or with them on board

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Our Signature Functional Fitness Class can be described with the following: Heavy Lifting, Odd Object Carries, Sled Work, High Intensity Metabolic Conditioning. Lets get back to the roots of functional fitness. Have fun learning how to use the power, strength and flexibility of your entire body and feel like a total beast while doing it.  

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Butt and Gut

Ready to build a strong, powerful, shapely butt and fantastic, functional abs?  We make sure to hit the glutes from all directions, so you get the most out of your training and get the best results.  We also mix in creative, fun and functional movement that strengthen your core.   It's time to fire up those buns and shred those abs in our one hour Butt and Gut Class! This class is for all levels.

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Skateboard & Snowboard Conditioning

For the cold and rainy months we are offering a seasonal strength/balance/power/agility/mobility class specifically for skateboarders and snowboarders. The focus on the class is to  increase the longevity you have on your board, rehab from injuries,  improve your strength and stamina and help prevent injuries. This class is  lowkey, fun and educational so that you can take care of your body and skate forever ????.
Our intentions are to share knowledge about strength and conditioning with the skateboarding community and provide classes that everyone can afford. No Jocks Allowed! Just kidding, but in all seriousness, it's not cool to be injured or too out of shape to do what you love.

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mo·bil·i·ty the ability to move or be moved freely and easily. A guided recovery practice through self-myofascial release, soft tissue repair, corrective exercises, and core activation. Use foam rollers, mobility balls, and other tools to open the body’s range of motion. mo·bil·i·ty class is a key strategy to staying injury free and progressing into higher levels of flexibility and mobility. This class is for all levels

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Strength Tribe

Strength Tribe is a  low key group that gets together lift weights. Pick which lifts you want to improve: back squat, front squat, bench, deadlift, strict press.... and your coach will put you on a simple strength cycle to help your strength skyrocket! Previous barbell experience is very helpful but not required.

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PDX 101

PDX 101 is designed to give you a good grasp of our group strength and conditioning classes at PDXstrength, no matter what your current fitness level is.

  • Learn the fundamental movements used in group training classes: squat, hinge, press, push, pull, lunge, jump, run, row and more.
  • Acclimate yourself to the intensity levels of PDXstrength classes at a pace that's perfect for you.
  • Learn about nutrition, recovery and hydration.
  • Become familiar with dynamic and static stretching techniques for joint mobility and muscle flexibility
  • Learn safe and proper technique for barbell movements like the back squat, front squat, press and deadlift.
  • Be introduced to more advanced gymnastics and kettlebell movements.
  • Start to learn the the basics of Olympic weightlifting, like the snatch, clean and jerk.
  • Gradually perform tougher and challenging metcons that will improve your overall fitness level and expose you to high intensity workouts.
  • And most importantly, have lots of fun enjoying exercise
Click here to read more about PDX 101 and why we require our athletes to take this workshop!  

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Intro to Olympic Weightlifting

Improve your power, speed, strength, and flexibility with Olympic-style weightlifting! This  4 week course is perfect for beginners or athletes that want to get a better grasp of the Olympic lifts, which are the clean, jerk and snatch.
 What's awesome about this course is that we slow things down and break down the lifts, so that you feel comfortable moving the barbell. The class is limited to only six athletes, so you will get plenty of coaching and attention.
We will learn the fundamentals of weightlifting including squatting mechanics, overhead position, pulling, and pressing. No previous weightlifting experience necessary but some familiarity with barbell movements is helpful.

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