Established in 2012, PDXStrength has quickly become one of the top rated gyms in Portland, OR! PDXstrength is woman owned small business that’s an inclusive and safe space for the St. Johns community to workout. We strive to deliver only the best to our clients in terms of Classes, Fitness, Nutritional Advice and of course a fun experience! PDXstrength is a positive and welcoming community. You don’t have to be a “jock” to get in shape! We truly believe working on your fitness doesn’t have to be a drag. Come join us, learn, get swole, socialize and have a blast!


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Client Testimonials

“Jocelyn, WOW! You have made a tremendous impact on my workouts, fitness level and my life. You always make the work outs fun and are very encouraging. You are always making sure my form is correct ( I got compliments from another gym member because my forms was so good.) which is sooooo important to any age. I am continually amazed at the things I am able to do now, that two years ago were impossible. Just going to the gym is not enough sometimes. You need to have someone to motivate you. Knowing myself as I do, your raising the bar each week has me working harder, even when you not around just so I can be better and do more. Your encouragement has been a huge help in loosing 17 pounds and feeling great. I have so much more energy. My metabolism has increased ( even though I never believed it would) dramatically. My husband is making very nice comments even though I am having to by a new wardrobe. If you need any referrals please feel free to pass on my phone number 503-807-1212. I’ll get you some more clients!”

- Dee Pigman

“I played my first tennis match in at least 2 years and have never felt so physically tough as I did today. Thank you for helping me reach the next level!!”

- Ashley Harris

“I Love Jocelyn Streng! She takes you to that place where you think you’re gonna die, but she never kills you! Awesome Spinning class, hope we bring back the sun PDXstrength :)”

- Drew Quinlan Hannon

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