Established in 2012, PDXStrength has quickly become one of the top rated gyms in Portland, OR! We strive to deliver only the best to our clients in terms of Classes, Fitness, Nutritional Advice and of course a fun experience! PDXstrength is a positive and inclusive community. You don’t have to be a “jock” to get in shape! We truly believe working on your fitness doesn’t have to be a drag. Come join us, learn, get swole, socialize and have fun!


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Client Testimonials

“I started working with Jocelyn in July of 2012. My new years resolution (which I accomplished) was to run a half marathon: my very first. Jocelyn was integral in helping me to accomplish that goal.

I love working with her. She makes me feel like I can accomplish any goal I choose. I mean, I ran 13.1 miles after training with her for three months. That is amazing!

I have never been someone who walks into a gym with a clear idea of what I should be accomplishing. That is, until now. Due to Jocelyn’s guidance and encouragement, I know what I’m working towards and how to achieve my goals.

I now have workouts that I actually want to do on my own (which, by the way, she sends in an email to me after each session). Moreover, they are workouts that I actually go and do on my own. All of them are effective. None of them are intimidating.

She’s top notch. She’s inspiring. She’s creative. She’s motivating. She’s someone I can’t wait to see on a weekly basis.”

- Amber F

“I have been training with Jocelyn since April of 2012. The workouts she creates for me have aided in my goals to improve my overall strength and tone my body. I love that the workouts are busy schedule friendly, they can be done in thirty minutes or less. Plus, they’ve allowed room for growth as I’ve gotten stronger. I appreciate that Jocelyn will answer my questions outside of my training sessions and her blog is full of helpful tips, like how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals. Jocelyn’s workouts are hard, but her approachable and caring personality makes up for it.”

- Ellen S

“I absolutely love this gym! The programming is fun and challenging. The trainers cultivate a positive and lighthearted atmosphere. The classes work for all skill levels from novice to experienced. Best of all, I am finally meeting goals that eluded me during my three years at a Crossfit affiliate!!! ”

- Jennifer R

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