Established in 2012, PDXStrength has quickly become one of the top rated gyms in Portland, OR! We strive to deliver only the best to our clients in terms of Classes, Fitness, Nutritional Advice and of course a fun experience! We truly believe getting in shape doesn’t have to be a drag. Come join us, learn, get cut, socialize and have fun!


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Client Testimonials

“I started going to classes at PDX Strength almost three months ago after a long time away from the gym. Jocelyn’s approach is super fun, motivating, supportive and professional. This gym is not pretentious or exclusive. Jocelyn’s supportive style is definitely why I keep coming back! The other trainers are equally open, helpful and friendly. I’m thrilled to have been welcomed by a seriously fit, fun and hardworking group of people and eager to continue to work out here in 2014!”

- Sara P

“I am obsessed with PDXstrength! I joined early this year & have been hooked ever since. I’ve belonged to many gyms & tried many programs & usually have not gotten the workout I was looking for. PDXstrength truly pushes you to your limits in a good way so you can improve your fitness level. Jocelyn & Laura are amazing trainers! I can’t recommend this place enough – if you want to get in great shape & never ever be disappointed with a workout this is the right place for you!”

- Claire Wolfson

“Jocelyn crafts challenging yet fun classes and makes everyone in the class (from the ultra-fit to the work-out novice) feel welcome. Jocelyn has each class member challenge themselves and improve their fitness level. Jocelyn varies the class work-outs to keep things interesting and to keep the body guessing at what’s coming next.”

- WCHF Member

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