Established in 2012, PDXStrength has quickly become one of the top rated gyms in Portland, OR! PDXstrength is woman owned small business that’s an inclusive and safe space for the St. Johns community to workout. We strive to deliver only the best to our clients in terms of Classes, Fitness, Nutritional Advice and of course a fun experience! PDXstrength is a positive and welcoming community. You don’t have to be a “jock” to get in shape!  We are anti- diet culture fitness studio. We truly believe working on your fitness doesn’t have to be a drag. Come join us, learn, get swole, socialize and have a blast!


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Client Testimonials

“I love your classes! You make them so fun and really do push us positively! I always leave in such a wonderful mood and feel physically awesome! I’m so excited for your new adventure at your Kenton location! Ill most certainly be there! I honestly think that your business is going to take off this upcoming year and i totally commend you for making a bold move and focusing on PDXstrength.

Keep pushing me! I need it! And thanks for everything”

- Kelsey Green

“Jocelyn has enabled me to reshape some of my persistent problem areas. I’m stronger and more taut, with better endurance and posture. She’s also very positive and encouraging. Training with Jocelyn has boosted my self-esteem immensely–and i actually look forward to going to the gym at 7:00 AM!”

- Heather Larimer

“I started working with Jocelyn just to get my bearings for some fitness goals. It had been several years since I had stepped in a gym, and although I was physically active running, I was not as physically fit as I would like to have been.
I signed up for a few personal training sessions to get an idea of what to do and then I was going to do it on my own. Well, that was several months ago and not only am I still working with Jocelyn doing personal training, but I have now also started attending her booty camp!
And the changes that working with Jocelyn have brought about in my life have not only been with my fitness. She is so supportive and encouraging during her classes, that you can not help but walk away with more energy and self-confidence. Since I started working with her, I ran Hood to Coast, I got a promotion (and this was in part due to my new self-confidence), and am now two sizes smaller! I still have more goals that I want to tackle (a recent bear of a workout comes to mind), but I am excited for the challenges to come.
Jocelyn is what every fitness trainer should aspire to be!”

- Deborah S.

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