We’re here to answer any question you might have about our gym, classes, services or anything! If you don’t see one of your questions answered here, please contact us so we can help you 1 on 1! And let us know when you are ready to get started! See you at the gym!

What if I’m not in good enough shape to do this?

Our classes are infinitely scaleable and every workout can be modified to any members fitness level. Coaches are there as advocates to prescribe modifications when needed. We educate members on the difference between being uncomfortable and being in pain. Our classes  are truly meant for all ages, shapes and abilities. Members have the option to take 101 as many times as they like, until they feel comfortable entering our Group Strength and Conditioning classes.

What if these classes are too intense?

Many people new to this type of training will likely not know how to gauge their levels of intensity. Intensity is something that is added over time as technique improves. Our coaches help build the foundation by teaching technique and consistency. Once that is achieved then you add intensity.

What if I’m nervous about getting hurt?

Our 101 course is  designed to establish motor skills, competency and build the structural strength and integrity that will allow our athletes to handle more advanced movement patterns as they enter our Group Strength and Conditioning program.

Keeping this in mind, we want to develop our skills in the following order:

  1. Technique/Mechanics
  2. Consistency
  3. Intensity
  4. Volume

Many beginners make the mistake of skipping the first two points and head straight to Intensity and Volume.  We know how badly you want to be in shape, but this is a no nonsense approach, and we must take the correct path by learning the progressions, addressing our individual movement issues and developing good habits.  By taking this mature approach to training, injuries can be prevented. At PDXstrength, athletes  are not pressured to do any movement or  lift any weight that makes them feel uncomfortable.

What if I have past injuries?

If you have past injuries, or an ongoing injury our coaches are more than happy to modify any workout so that you can avoid injuring that area again. We strive to make every workout safe and are totally cool about working around injuries.


What if my schedule doesn’t mesh with PDX 101 program?

If your schedule does not work well with our intro course, scheduling one on one, or  group training sessions would be a great investment to get you up to speed! We can arrange times and days that work for you, and put you on a plan to get you up to speed and prepared for our group strength and conditioning classes. You also get access to our all levels classes while you work with your coach.  Please contact  us to arrange an appointment!

Do I have to sign a contract or get locked into payments?

You can cancel your membership at anytime. There are no joining fees etc. We don’t lock our members into contracts, because our members WANT to workout with us!


Do you have Open Gym?

Yes we have designated Open Gym hours. You can find the schedule on Mindbody.


How do I register for my first free class?

Please create a mindbody account for each athlete that wants to try out a class. After creating your account, take a look at the schedule and contact  us about which class you want to take. Any of our all levels classes are fair game. (Group Strength and Conditioning classes are for our 101 graduates or athletes with previous experience).

Can I freeze my membership?

You can freeze your membership for a month or more. By freezing your membership you won’t lose the rate that you are paying. Our rates go up every year for new members. Once you become a  member you can lock in that rate.


What if I just want to get in shape now? And I don’t want to take 101?

We have plenty of all- levels classes that don’t program high skilled movements and are perfect for anyone to drop in. Any class that has an all levels designation  is fair game without taking 101.

What if I miss any 101 classes? Can I still graduate?

We understand that things come up. Week 6 is dedicated to making up any material  you might of missed during your 101 course. We can also set you up with a coach to go over any material you were absent for.

Do you have showers or changing rooms?

Yes we have changing rooms and access to showers. Our new buildout, includes a shower.


What if I have a strength and conditioning background, or 6 months or more crossfit experience?

Please use the contact form and reach out. We will definitely make sure you don’t have to take our 101 program if you already have the appropriate experience!


What if I don’t think I need to need to take the 101 course?  I’ve already been going to the gym?

Sometimes we have new athletes question our “getting started” process. We understand that you want to get fit and are ready to take on the world… but we do have more than a few great reasons why we do things the way we do. Here is why we require our athletes to take PDX101  before entering our General Physical Preparedness Program:

Most people who are entering in the GPP (General Physical Preparedness) world, do not come from a background with a well developed foundation of strength and conditioning, weightlifting or gymnastics. We spend most of our lives behind a desk or in positions that are not optimal for progress in the GPP arena.

We look at at social media streams, and see  top level GPP/Crossfiters doing butterfly chest to bar pull-ups , Olympic caliber weightlifters moving impressive weights, and gymnasts doing amazing feats. We grow to admire what they are capable of, and some of us begin to believe that this is exactly the practices that got them to perform at such a high level. We do not see the hours and years they spend doing the UN SEXY movements to build a proper foundation for these proficiencies. We don’t see the weightlifter who is going to the Olympics working on technique with an empty bar, or the gymnast spending 45-60 minutes a day working on flexibility, we don’t see the high level crosfitter working on the basics like air squats and pushups or the 100 meter sprinters doing leg swings. It takes the experienced athletes years to be able to do the SEXY part of their sport.

There is no way around it, you must work, work, and work on the minutia of the sport to be successful in the grander elements. Many people  try to shortcut the UN SEXY because it is not fun, taxing on the body and does not look appealing. No one is on IG or Facebook posting their static midline work, mobility work, getups, air squats, bar hang holds, bent over rows…..You see the muscle ups,  snatches, cleans and higher level exciting movements.

If you are a mere mortal, like the 98% percent of us, who spent most of their life not being athletic, moving poorly, suffering from past injuries, only doing cardio, lacking activation, and have developed imbalances and asymmetries, you need to work on it!  Starting off in our 101 classes is your first step!

The more we are educated about our bodies and how to do movements correctly, the lower our injury rate will be. Throwing a new person into a class without knowing the exercises can cause problems for everyone. Classes will not run smoothly, new athletes will be too overwhelmed and regular members will not receive as much coaching. PDX101 will give  new athletes an understanding of our culture, philosophy, vocabulary, warm up and cool down protocol, and gym ettiequte.  In PDX101 you will learn about modifications and scaling. I can’t stress enough about  scaling and modifications. Each body is different and PDX101 will help coaches get to know every new person coming in and their associated physical issues. Our intro programs  help coaches learn about each person individually and how they can help their needs.  Once you have completed your 10 hours of intro classes, you will be armed with the knowledge and awareness of how to scale and modify movements, and use that pertinent education in your Group Strength and Conditioning classes at PDXstrength.

Take some time and realize that  PDX101  are just a small chunk of your future fitness journey of the years and years ahead of you. Take time to work on the little things like shoulder health, perfecting your air squat, doing a perfect pushup, hip and ankle mobility etc, that will lead to the amazing SEXY movements.

Keeping this in mind, we want to develop our skills in the following order:

1. Technique/Mechanics
2. Consistency
3. Intensity
4. Volume

Many beginners make the mistake of skipping the first two points and head straight to Intensity and Volume. Don’t be that person! We know how much you want to be in shape, but this is a no nonsense approach, and we must take the correct path by learning the progressions, addressing our individual movement issues and developing good habits.

The little things will pay dividends in the long run. Enjoy the process and be patient. Good things take time, so play the long game. Leave the short game for the people that don’t appreciate the journey. 


Ready to begin your journey to good health and great fitness? Click here to sign up for PDX 101 today!