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Jocelyn Streng


Hello, I’m Jocelyn, your new coach and owner of PDXstrength! Helping athletes achieve their personal best, improve their health and attain their fitness goals has been one of the best experiences of my life. I grew up competing and participating in a wide range of sports and obtained my B.S. in Physical Education and Health Promotion.  At University of Oregon, I was a Division I three-sport athlete, competing in track, cross country, and tennis. I've been training clients, coaching athletes, and leading group fitness classes for twenty years! As a junior athlete, I was named the Athlete of the Year by USA Triathlon as well as being the Junior Female National Triathlon champion. I represented the USA by competing in the World Duathlon and World Triathlon Championships, and was fortunate to experience world class training at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado. Outside of the gym I enjoy skateboarding, ping pong, exploring with my dogs, and gardening! I love sharing my passion for health and fitness with my athletes and students.  Choosing a coach is a big decision, and with every year I have been in this business , I sincerely believe you want a coach that has had many years of coaching behind their belt.  I learn from every client, and make it a priority to continue my education through workshops, reading, classes, certifications and time in the gym. I believe exercise should be fun, challenging, motivating, inspiring and part of our everyday lives. Strength is freedom, and health is priceless.  I want everyone to  find their inner athlete and  live a strong, healthy and happy life!

Nigel Noriega

Head Coach

Hi, I’m Nigel- the head coach at PDXstrength. I program and coach our Group Strength and Conditioning classes.  A biologist by trade, I originally started strength and conditioning as a way to supplement skill-training in mixed martial arts. I needed to find ways to get stronger, recover from serious injuries and gain conditioning without getting hit, choked, or twisted out of joint. I fell in love with the positivity of group fitness and became  Level-1 certified in Nov 2008. I’ve been coaching and competing every year since 2009. I earned my Level 2 Trainer certification in December 2014 and Level 3 Trainer certification October 2019. I am a Gymnasticbodies & GymFit.TV  ambassador  https://bit.ly/3ulD29e  and member of the ATG coaching group  https://www.atgonlinecoaching.com/ My aim in coaching is to help people achieve gains in functionality that lead to more exhilaration in life! I think intelligent training teaches us how anything we encounter can be a chance for improvement. So regardless of your starting point, if you are improving your goal-setting, recovery, balance, strength, endurance, confidence, transitions, efficiency, or all of the above, then let’s get ready to learn, work hard, and have fun together!

Super Laura


Hi I’m Laura, the general manager at PDXstrength. I coach our bootcamp and group strength & conditioning  classes, pole dance, private one on one training, SUP paddle board classes, and excel at working with beginners. Ready to get awesome with me? My classes are high energy and fun! I have an upbeat and positive attitude, and along with my spunky spirit, you are guaranteed a super fun time when you take one of my classes. I have been involved in athletics and  fitness my entire life. I was an athlete in high school and have dedicated the last 10 years to improving my health through fitness and nutrition. I enjoy all types of exercise, everything from weightlifting, parkour, swimming, pole fitness, biking, running, yoga, and boot camp style work outs. I am passionate about helping my athletes find means of exercise that they truly enjoy and have fun with. I feel everyone is capable of being fit. I am an ACE certified Personal Trainer,  American Red Cross Lifeguard, as well as First Aid, CPR, SUP certified and AED certified. My passion is living a fit, healthy, balanced life and I want to help you achieve your best. I feel awesome every day that I am active and give my best! I want you to come get awesome with me.  

Christie Choma


Hi, I’m Christie! I first became interested in strength and conditioning as way to train for alpine ski racing. Throughout high school, strength and conditioning workouts made a weekly appearance in our training regimen. During my first year at Boston College, I completed  workouts on my own to supplement ski team training. I began attending a strength and conditioning gym that my high school ski coaches opened a year earlier. For the next three years, I competed in both ski racing and Fitness competitions, and I represented my gym in  Wachusett at the Northeast Regional from 2013-15. I graduated BC in May 2015 with a degree in Mathematics, and have since moved to Oregon to further explore my interests in public health, fitness, and the outdoors. I acquired my Level 1 Trainer Certificate in 2013 and my Level 2 in 2018. While studying at Boston College, I taught intro level classes and assisted my ski coach in programming our team’s workouts. In addition to coaching fellow exercisers and teammates, I love to learn more about fitness and nutrition when I’m not in the gym. You will see me at PDXstrength leading our 101 series, group strength & conditioning classes,  and training athletes one on one. I try my best to meet individuals where they are; it is paramount that physical and behavioral modifications are sustainable in the scope of one’s life. I have been so fortunate to train and compete with gym members who always keep me smiling, and I am very excited to share my enthusiasm for the joys fitness can bring!

Jessica Velazquez

Yoga Instructor

Hi I’m Jessica, your yoga instructor at PDXstrength. I first experienced Yoga while traveling through Thailand in 2013. In 2015 while searching for a healthy answer to anxiety and depression, yoga found its way back into my life and I was ready to listen. Today I have found ease, compassion, focus and a new joy through yoga that has been transformative and has inspired me to share my passion with others. I received my RYT-200 hour certification from Body Bliss Yoga in 2017 and I continue to be inspired by the power of yoga. My class style is Vinyasa flow and Yin, building strength and flexibility. My classes are truly set to be accessible to all levels. It’s not about what the pose looks like but where the pose takes you and how you feel. I’m excited to guide you on a journey of mind, body and spirit, to come exactly as you are and flow together. *Namaste* WPA Certification, SUP fitness and SUP Yoga Certification.

Courtney Walker


Hey! I'm Courtney and I'm thankful to be a part of the PDX Strength Coaching Staff! I've been coaching and competing  for 8 years with 6 appearances at regionals as an individual athlete. I also competed in the GRID League for 3 seasons, and have done elite competitions including Wodapalooza and the Dubai Fitness Championship.

As a coach I look to help athletes improve their fitness in a fun, safe and motivating way, with a focus on technique and skill development! Over the years I've been fortunate enough to obtain my  Level 2 and attended the Mobility, Endurance, Strongman and Kids Courses! I am excited to share what I have learned with you!

 I did gymnastics for over 20 years, finishing my career as part of the UCLA Gymnastics Team. At UCLA I graduated with a B.A in History and then got my Master in Sports Management from the University of San Francisco.

Courtney coaches our Mad Skills and Group Strength and Conditioning classes.



Hi! I'm Dorothy, PDXStrength's official mascot and resident doggo. I like to run, dig, sniff butts and bark - a lot. You'd better have a treat for me or you're in TROUBLE BARKARKBARKBARK!!!

Dylan Packebush


Hey there, I'm Dylan. I am excited to be a part of the community growing at PDX Strength. I've been lifting weights in some form or fashion since an extensive spine surgery some years ago. Along the way, I've found all sorts of movement practices, from rock climbing to yoga to functional fitness, power lifting, Pilates to Strongman. My own physical activity has been a continuous exploration of capability and confidence. I started coaching and personal training in 2016 in Denver, CO. I have completed workshops and seminars regarding functional fitness training,  strongman, adaptive movement, and general movement/gymnastics. Professionally, I work in recreation and care deeply about each member's experience; believing that it's my role to create an environment of learning so each member can explore their own capabilities. Dylan programs our Strength Tribe classes and coaches Group Strength and Conditioning, Swole and Strength Tribe classes.

Paul Cooley

Coach and Physical Therapist

Greetings, I'm Paul and I am thrilled to be part of the PDXStrength team.  Raised in Washington tulip country, humbled during 5 years of commercial fishing in Alaska, and trained by some of the leaders in my field, I bring a diversity of personal experiences and unique interpersonal investment to my clinical practice.  While recovering from my own childhood weight gain, fishing injuries, marathon training issues, and rugby pains, I have observed that people are not just muscles and bones, but complex individuals with goals, expectations, social needs, and anxieties.  I am a 5th generation Oregonian and have been part of the North Portland community for 11 years. You can see me regularly popping in between my clinic and PDXStrength with patients, or hopping into a class to get my sweat on.  Always remember, the steady state of the body should not be a pain and anyone who needs their body to work for them should consider themselves an athlete. Paul coaches our Strength Tribe and Group Strength and Conditioning classes and runs his practice next door. https://stjohnsphysicaltherapy.com 

Nicole Mascorro


Hi I’m Nicole! At the young age of 4 I put on my first pair of dance shoes and haven’t taken them off since. I grew up studying ballet at the California Academy of Ballet where I studied, you guessed it – ballet! Since then, I have trained with American Ballet Theatre as well as many other smaller companies through out my teenage years. I moved up to Portland in 2017 where I started teaching dance a local studio while also continuing my own dance career on the side. I’ve always loved performing and choreographing as it’s the easiest way for me to express myself when words don’t do the trick. One of my favorite things about dance is that its both and art and a sport and requires a lot of core strength that we may not activate on a day-to-day basis. Nicole coaches HIIT, Bootcamp, Mobility and Butt and Gut classes at PDXstrength.