Friday Jun 24th, 2022

-1 min backwards sled
-3 min rest
Start with an easy load. Increase load each time if you can keep moving
-30s backwards sled
-2 min rest
Increase weight each time if you can keep moving
Then 4R
30s forward sled
-2 min rest
Increase to heavy effort, It’s OK if you get a bit stuck by the 3rd round.
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Thursday Jun 23rd, 2022

up to 35 minutes using the format:

30 seconds of work 30 seconds of rest

-100 calorie bike

-80 air squats

-100 calorie bike

-80 box jumps (no rebounding)

Complete movements in order and finish one before moving to the other.  Keep air squat form as precise as possible. Recommend using arms -overhead squat or overhead squat with hands as close together on PVC pipe as will allow for good form.

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Tuesday Jun 21st, 2022

For time
-60 calorie row
-45 db box step-overs ( no more than 50/35, 24″”/20″”)
-30 toes to bar
-15 db devil’s press (no more than 50/35)
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Monday Jun 20th, 2022

5 rounds for max reps:
-Bench press (no more than bodyweight)
-Strict Pull-ups
we are going max effort (unbroken reps) for each set
scale to a weight you can get at least 10 reps for your first set
aim to complete your pull-ups within 1 minute of your bench press
suggested rest after the pull-ups is 3:00 minutes
This workout offers five max-effort attempts at each exercise, regardless of how you modify the movements. Choose something that will allow you to get 7 to 10 reps of each, even as you fatigue. Give yourself ample rest time after the pull-ups before beginning the next round of bench presses so you recover enough to get another big set.
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Sunday Jun 19th, 2022

4.5 min Tabata jumprope as follows
-single skip
-side to side bunny hop
-forward and back with feet together
-scissor step forward back
-in & out jumping jack style
-high knees
-butt kickers
-single leg, with switch every 5 jumps. or every 2 jumps if scaling is needed
-double unders
Then, in sets of 2 per side, work up to WOD weight for Turkish get up.
3 rounds of:
-3 minutes of Turkish get-ups Up to 25/35 lb
-2 minutes of double-unders
-1 minute of rest
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