Tuesday May 4th, 2021

20:00 EMOM

A. DB Bench press, 5 reps

B. 10 single leg deadlifts

C. 10 single leg deadlifts

D. 8 side arch ups each side https://youtu.be/Fuky2Ac3Xrw?t=84


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Monday May 3rd, 2021

20 min of backward attempts up Baltimore hill.


Go at a pace that suits you according to your individual work capacity, coordination and comfort travelling backwards.  You can walk or jog or run. Be cautious of obstacles, cars and people.

Rest as needed but try to take recovery on the trip back down the hill, while keeping a consistent effort going up the hill.  Concentrate on keeping your feet under you and not swinging legs out to the side of your body. Be sure to use the big-toe side of your foot when incorporating a toe-to-heel action.


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Sunday May 2nd, 2021

5 rounds of:

-20/15 cal row

-15 thrusters (95/65)

-5 bar muscle ups

-rest 4 min between sets-


Scale bar muscle ups according to ability

-Try bar pull overs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faJDYEZmueM   https://youtu.be/O8GzMrVtNp8?t=68


-Try bar dips or assisted bar dips with an eccentric bar muscle up (as slow as you can manage) https://youtu.be/mT441p1hTgg?t=111


-Use rings to work a leg-assisted muscle up transition https://youtu.be/Fz5kF7rpFEg?t=83


-Upside down deadlifts https://youtu.be/1vGfV8ywjI8?t=11


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Thursday Apr 29th, 2021

3 rounds for time of:

-800-meter run

-5 rounds of Strict Cindy


1 round of Strict Cindy is 5 strict pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 squats.


If scaling pull ups to ring rows, please try to use false grip

In any scaled version of push ups (knees or elevation) please keep a hollow body position.


We have not run in a while, so just keep a steady pace on the 800m runs and try to avoid walking. You don’t have to run fast.

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Tuesday Apr 27th, 2021

WOD: 5 Rounds not for time

-10 alternating weighted lunges

– single leg bridge (10 each leg) OR single leg bridge curl (5 each leg) OR gliding leg curls (10 total)


You don’t  need to go fast.

Rest long enough to increase effort but don’t get cold

Aim to keep the torso upright and the back leg straight with the heel up. Do not work into any sort of pain.


Start light and add weight through rounds as needed.

Focus knee alignment while engaging the whole hip, both glutes and the whole leg, more than adding weight quickly



You can test the second movement to see where your abilities lie.


Single leg bridge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVAXhy6pl7o


Use sliders for the single leg bridge curl options




gliding leg curls https://youtu.be/0a_fVS2s4Ho?t=240

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