Thursday Dec 2nd, 2021

12 rounds total. With a partner:

– 10 Shoulder to Overhead

– 10 Burpee Box Jump-Over

Right into

-100 Wall Balls

-100 Toes to Bar

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Tuesday Nov 30th, 2021

10 min work through complex:

-3 Clean DL

-3 Clean High Pull

-3 Muscle Clean

-3 Slow Front squat



-3 power Clean to Pause + Front squat



-3 hang squat Clean

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Sunday Nov 28th, 2021

24:00 EMOM
A. 1-2 legless rope climbs
B. 45s max dips. If you cannot do more than 4 dips, scale to push ups.
C. 45s max calorie row
D. 45 s max  DB/KB reverse lunges (no more than 50/35)* or 10 alternating weighted ATG split squat according to mobility

*One DB held in front rack during lunges.  If you have the range of motion for ATG split squat with back  knee off the ground and calf to hamstring, then do 10 alternating ATG split squat with weight that allows good form. This weight can be zero. Hold equal weight in each hand down at your sides.

If you can do more than 10 dips, scale to rings

Rope climb Scaling:
-Legless V or L-sit rope climb
-Legless rope climb
-Rope row: 2 rope rows = 1 rope climb. Start lying on back with shoulders flat on the floor. Keep body -rigid with hips as straight as possible until you return to this position.
-Ring row: 10 ring rows = 1 rope climb

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Tuesday Nov 23rd, 2021

Use sleds outdoor or indoor according to weather and preference. If indoor, then

Push the sled back and forth along the green mat as far as you can in 20 seconds


-25 lb plate

-45 lb plate

– two 45 lb plates

-45 lb plate

-25 lb  plate



Aim to go every 2.5 to 3 minutes, but the time does not have to be strict. Rest in between intervals. If the class is too big, then we’ll take both sleds outside.  Let’s see if we can try this without turning the sled around, so you’ll push high in one direction and low in the other direction


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Monday Nov 22nd, 2021

30min EMOM

Minute 1- 12 TTB

Minute 2- 12 Burpees

Minute 3- 5 Deadlift (no more than 255/205)

Minute 4- 16/13 cal bike

Minute 5- rest


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