Thursday Jul 29th, 2021

WOD Back squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps
Rest about 90s to 2 min between sets. Full recovery but don’t get cold.

If you have no idea of your 1RM or have never tested it, today we will do and increasing weight rep scheme of
6-5-4 -3-2-1-1-1-1
To range find for your 1RM

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Tuesday Jul 27th, 2021

3 mile (5K) run. Cap at 30 min

another way to write this could be up to 3 miles on your feet outdoors (walk, jog, run) , but no more than 30 min.

Make every attempt to run as a group.  If the class is large, Kenyan queue will beideal and allow faster runners to adjust intensity.

Scale according to who is used to what volume.  For example, weaker runners might try to run with the group to the 800m turn around point, then wait there and recover till the group returns, resulting in three 800m intervals. Weaker runners could also walk up to the 30min cap.

One of the goals of today is ambient acclimatization along with lower limb conditioning. So at the very lowest level of scaling, having the athletes move outdoors for 30 min will suffice.

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Monday Jul 26th, 2021

WOD 1 = 12 min EMOM

Even minutes. 5 strict hspu

Odd minutes. 5 shoulder press



Review and Warmup up push jerk and Toes to bar. Advanced athletes can use strict toes to bar


WOD 2 = 7 min AMRAP


-Push jerk (up to 135/95)



-Toes to bar

For example: Round 1 = 1 push jerk + 2 TTB, then Round 2 = 2 Push Jerk + 4 TTB etc


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Sunday Jul 25th, 2021

WOD 1: 5 sets

-2 rope climbs *

-5 thrusters (build to heavy set of 5)


WOD 2: 6 Min AMRAP

-Row 1000m

-Complete as many wall balls as possible in remaining time


We will be working toward legless rope climbs in consideration of the short height we have to work with and the advantage of not having to worry about rope burn etc

Scaling as follows:

Attempt as much of the rope climb in L-sit position as possible. Don’t worry if you come out of L-sit.

Scale legless rope climbs by grabbing as high as you can on the rope (jump if you can) and doing a controlled legless descent.  Use 3 descents to count for rope climb. The next scaling step would be 5 strict pull ups per rope climb. Use singles if needed. The next scale would be to accumulate 20 seconds with your chin over the bar as one rope climb.

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Thursday Jul 22nd, 2021



-12s planche hold (goal is tuck)

-rest 1 minute

-12s tuck lever hold

-rest 1 minute




-12s dips

-rest 1 minute

-12s chin ups (palms facing toward you)

-rest 1 minute

For dips today, let’s  not use the rings. Dip stations or boxes with weights stacked high enough for athletes to hang at the bottom would be best. IF you don’t have dips, then use the rings in the opposite of a ring row, for ring push ups with ring turn out

If  you don’t have chin ups, then hold chin over the bar.




-12s pseudo planche pushups

-rest 1 minute

-12s strict toes to bar

-rest 1 min


Scale pseudo planche using elevation. The goal here is to have clients feel the hands closer to hips and get a sense of the wrist mobility that is needed.


Scale toes to bar by getting feet as high as you can under control (bend knees etc) and controlling the negative descent.

Next scale will be trying to get to parallel with straight legs

Next scale is hanging knee raises.


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