The final push for 2022 Group Strength and Conditioning

Happy October campers. If you are curious about where our GS&C programming is heading in the next few months… please read on!
Welcome to October folks, the kick off month for our end of the year gains; it’s gonna get SPOOOOOKY. This is the culmination of everyone’s hard work and an opportunity to showcase how to push, sustain, where to stay conservative, and when to go heavy; aspects that we have practiced since the start of the year. This cycle will be a bit longer than what we have seen in the past and it will hit most of our major lifts – drum roll please… The Deadlift, Front Squat, and Push Press! The first week of October will be dedicated to testing our Heavy 2-Rep for each of these lifts. From there, we’ve built out a classic linear strength program, with recommended % ranges; considering that we’ll have good/bad days and it also alleviates any expectations or anxiety that the lifter may have. The exertion should be the same but the sets and reps decrease, while the load increases. A gymnastic “micro phase” will be added into the mix, focusing on the Strict Pull-Up. (Tenet and Prototype are workouts that we will repeat to see how we have improved over the next few months)
  • WEEK 2 (10/10): 6×5 @ 70-75%
  • WEEK 3 (10/17): 5×4 @ 75-80% // “Tenet” Test
  • WEEK 4 (10/24): 4×3 @ 80-85%
  • WEEK 5 (10/31): 3×2 @ 85-90% // “Prototype” Test // PULL-UP RETEST
  • WEEK 6 (11/7): 6×5 @ 75-80% // TOES TO BAR TEST
  • WEEK 7 (11/14): 5×4 @ 80-85%
  • WEEK 8 (11/21): 4×3 @ 85-90%
  • WEEK 9 (11/28): 3×2 @ 90-95% // TOES TO BAR RETEST
  • WEEK 10 (12/5): DELOAD // RETEST (1 LIFT) // “Tenet” Retest
  • WEEK 11 (12/12): RETEST (2 LIFTS) // “ Prototype” Retest
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Let’s talk about… diet culture

Let’s talk about… diet culture

What is it? 

A set of beliefs that idolises thinness, appearance, size and shape above all else – including an individual’s wellbeing and happiness 

 It conditions people to thinking healthy = thin, and that by achieving this thin ideal image, you are morally superior to others 

It normalises negative self-talk and feelings of hyper-vigilance around food (inc. food choices, eating habits etc.) and can lead to feelings of shame

…basically it’s TOXIC AF and is rooted in capitalism, racism and sexism 

Here as some steps you can take to start to eliminate diet culture:

Avoid body-talk – both talking about your own body AND others! Even what you may think is a compliment may not be interpreted the same by the recipient. I need to work on this!

 Unfollow toxic accounts and instead, follow accounts that showcase a variety of different body types

 Get educated – read about body acceptance/neutrality, anti-diet culture

We are here to take more about this. I’ve been battling all of the above for years and it’s a day by day process healing.

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philosophies that can and will hold you back from achieving meaningful progress.

“Eat less and move more”
“No days off”
“Push your max effort every time you exercise”
“If you didn’t sweat buckets, it wasn’t a worthwhile workout”
“Cut carbs and train fasted”

These are the philosophies that pop culture has driven down the uneducated consumers throat. It’s what gen pop thinks they need to do to reach their health goals. And it’s where the fitness industry has gone so very wrong…because THESE are the exact philosophies that can and will hold you back from achieving meaningful progress.

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Open Gym Access 5 am- Midnight

Did you know existing members are eligible to have Open Gym access to the studio 5 am- Midnight every day of the week for an additional $35 a month? You can workout when it’s convenient for you so you never miss a workout. ? We are only offering 10 spots, 6 have been claimed. If you are interested in adding this perk to your membership contact ?? Open Gym Access begins August 15.

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Better is Better

In today’s fitness market, cardio is overhyped, variety is used in excess, 6-week starvation challenges are the norm, and more is treated as better.

Our view is rather basic but, in a sense, a counterculture position in the gym scene: we treat strength as our base and prioritize quality over quantity, allowing clients to thrive as they age.

We do this through quality of movement and consistency, training over exercising, and a firm belief that more isn’t better…better is better!

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