Tuesday Nov 10th, 2020


-5 deadlifts (up to 185/125)

-10 bar-facing burpees

-20 hollow rocks


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Sunday Nov 8th, 2020

WOD :Back squat

-work up to a 5 rep max tempo squat (3s down 3s in the bottom)

-work up to 5 rep max pause squat (3 s in the bottom)

-work up to 5 rep max squat (blast out of the bottom)

-20 reps (one set) at 65-70% of 5 rep max.”

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Thursday Nov 5th, 2020

WOD = Bike 10 sets of 12/9 calorie sprints with 2 min rest between sets.

The first few rounds should be 30-40s or less.  Then try to hold on.

Advanced athletes do 15/12 cal

Wipe down bikes between people if needed

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Tuesday Nov 3rd, 2020

WOD = 20min AMRAP

-5 Pull-ups

-10 Alt DB Snatches 50/35

-15 Air squats

-At the top of every 2 min perform 50 DUs”

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Sunday Nov 1st, 2020



increase weight each round.

Warm up deadlift to WOD weight or about 80% of 1RM.

If Rx is too heavy for you, use about 75% 1Rm for the WOD.


WOD: Complete as many rounds as possible in 7 minutes of:

-5 hard-effort pulls on C2 rower

-3 deadlifts


F: pulls at sub-1:45/500-m pace, no more than 215-lb. deadlift

M: pulls at sub-1:30/500-m pace, no more than 315-lb. deadlift unless you have experience.


Note: it may take you more than 5 pulls to get to pace. Remember to use the rate you got in the warm up calibration if the suggested pace is too fast. If your pulls are slower than target pace then they down count, Pace yourself on the transition so you can make the cut off speed. But remember 7 minutes goes by fast.”

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