How to Sign Up for PDXStrength

Step 01

Register Online

In order to get started, you will need to sign up with MindBody™ Online! If you already have a Mindbody account skip to step 02

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Step 02

Fill out our liability waiver

Click the link below to download our liability waiver form. You will need to fill this out and bring it with you when you arrive

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Step 03

Select Your Route

From strength conditioning, all-level memberships to buddy programs or simple class drop-ins, we have every type of program for you and your budget!

Choose Your Fate

Still not sure if PDXStrength is right for you? Come try a free class!

The best way to get a real sense of PDXstrength is to stop by and take one of our ALL level classes. Our goal with this class is to give you a taste of what PDXstrength is, so you can see why so many people in your community are hooked.

In order to sign up for a free class, please complete the first two steps above, then contact us and let us know what class you would like to take. Please give us at least 24 hours notice to schedule you in!

Contact us about trying a FREE class!

Choose your own Fitness Route

Option 01

PDX 101 / Group Strength & Conditioning

These classes are the core program at PDXstrength, which build effective form and techniques for functional movement. Participation in these classes develops endurance, flexibility, stamina, strength, speed, coordination, power, accuracy, balance, and agility.

Note: In order to join our Group Strength & Conditioning Classes, you'll first have to get certified by taking our introductory workshop PDX 101!

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Option 02

All-level Fitness Class Memberships

We offer a variety of classes that are open to people at all levels in their fitness and health. These are designed to not only to get your heart rate up but be fun and allow you to choose your own pace!

Examples of our all-level classes include Bootcamps, Open Gym, Kettelbell Club, Yoga, HIIT as well as new and exiting classes being added and offered to our fitness members!

View Memberships

With a monthly membership you can enroll in any of our classes any day of the week! Full Access to kick-ass fitness! 43 classes and counting per week. No signup fees, no contracts, no additional paperwork charges. You can freeze your membership at any time, due to illness, injury, vacation without any penalties. We do not lock you into contracts like our local competitors because our members WANT to work out with us!

PDX 101

Join our core group workshops and begin your path to achieving your ultimate form!

PDX 101


Required for all new members who want to take our Group Strength & Conditioning workshops. this is a six week course designed to get you oriented with all the techniques and exercises you'll need on your road to success!

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All-Access Memberships

Feeling like it's time to go all the way? Join now and get access to all classes

Individual Membership

$139 / Month

Monthly Membership for a single client, full access to classes

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Buddy Membership

$209 / Month

Share a membership with a friend and help each other get in shape! Note: Only applies to same-household members

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Yearly Membership

$1200 / Year

Membership for a single client for 12 months, full access to classes.
30% Savings!

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Single Day Class Drop-Ins

Only have time for a quick and dirty fix? Drop in and kick some butt for just one day!

Fitness Class Drop-In


Join any of our fitness classes and come get your sweat on!

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Open Gym Drop-In


Come in and have full access to our gym facilities to work out on your own pace!

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Multi-Class Packages

Not sure when you might want to come in? We offer anytime class passes so you can fit your workouts into your schedule. Get fit at your own pace!

10 Class Package


Good for 10 fitness classes, anytime!

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20 Class Package


Good for 20 fitness classes, anytime!

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