Wednesday Group Strength and Conditioning

5 reps at

Then work up to weight for WOD
Teams of 4
12 minute AMRAP.
-100 cal Row
-100 Deadlifts @225/155 RX @175/125# Scaled.
-100 Toes To Bar RX/ 100 Knee Raises Scaled (Partner must hold barbell at top of deadlift for reps to count)
Four members of a team will begin at station number 1 on the
Row and stay on it until 100 cals have been rowed. Every member has
to contribute at the very least 1 calorie. Only then can they proceed
to station number 2.

At station number 2 they will then proceed to deadlift 100 reps @
225/155# for Rx and 175/125# for Scaled. Every member must contribute
at least one rep.

proceed to station number 3 and complete 100 Toes to
Bar if Rx or 100 Knee Raises if Scaled. There is however a rule
regarding the T2B/Knee Raises, one partner has to hold the Deadlift
bar off the ground, in a full “rep” position. If the bar isn’t
being held by 1 member, then there are no reps to be had.
Once the third set of 100 is completed the team may return to the
Row to begin round 2.

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