Wednesday Group Strength and Conditioning

**Lets take advantage of the mild weather before it gets too cold!** If you can’t run due to injury- your coach will give you an alternate WOD**
3R on a 6 min timer
Run up Baltimore hill from N Bradford st to N Eddison St
Aim to stay light on the feet for the whole effort.
Start light, Stay quick but try not to run hard.
Pace so you can keep your cadence.
Increase effort as you get looser.
Every 2.5 min
Go as far as you can in the following times
walk back to starting point and rest.
Round 1 = 8s
Round 2 = 10s
Round 3 = 12s
Round 4 = 14s
Round 5 = 16s
Round 6 = 14s
Round 7 = 12s
Round 8 = 10s
we are looking for higher power output over shorter duration
scaling as follows
first time hill sprinters will do only 3 R. They can join any of the sprints according to how they feel
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