Wednesday Group Strength and Conditioning

Part 1) Do exercise “A” by feel. Rest as needed

– A) 3 x 10 Behind neck Jerk Grip strict press -anything more than the bar counts as a set -find “relaxed,” quality overhead position and hold 2 seconds Those with pain or mobility issues getting barbell behind neck or back can use dumbbell full range shoulder press

Part 2) Alternate between B and C for 4 rounds

-B) 5 reps snatch lift off -Pause for 3s at the launch position per rep. Take your time and do a real 3 s with good posture. Posture is where the work is today

-C) 5 reps Snatch Grip Romanian Deadlift Get as low as possible from standing without back rounding and/or shins angling forward Use a low enough weight to maintain above standards

Part 3 =  AMRAP 10 min (but go slowly)

-5 slow slant board jefferson curl. No more than 15% bodyweight

-5 full range pull over. No more than 20% bodyweight

-5 external rotations each side . No more than 8% bodyweight

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