Wednesday Group Strength and Conditioning

On week 5 we did 7 Rounds. Today we aim for 8. Try to work at the highest weight you did on week 5. Remember to Record your heaviest weights for each and note the surface you used. Try to work as many rounds as possible as the heaviest weight you can move well.

WOD = Week 6

Sled 8 Rounds

-15s sled push

-45s backwards sled walk

Rest at least 90s between efforts. Take more if you need it. You will likely need different weights for forward and backward Increase weight each round as able. You want a weight that you can move continuously on the surface you are using.. so no recommended weights are provided. The heaviest weights should slow you down significantly, but still allow you to move. Increase weight each round. But on backwards sled go from toe to heel. If you find yourself shuffling, then the backward weight is too heavy.

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