Wednesday Group Strength and Conditioning

Not for time.
4 rounds of:
-30 m Prowler Sprint (High) 50/25 lbs
-10 Kettlebell Thrusters (53/35)
-30 Prowler Sprint (Low) 50/25 lbs
-10 Double Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
Partner 1 Push Prowler 30 m with 50lbs worth of plates and two Kettlebells attached to the top front (low bucket)handles–high sprint
Then immediately Perform 10 Double Kettlebells Thrusters (53/35)
Partner 2 Pushes Prowler 30 yards with top front (low bucket)handles–low sprint
Then immediately Perform 10 Double Kettlebell Russian Swings (53/35)
Then partners switch roles
Go till all have completed 4 full trips
**This Saturday is our track day! Group Strength and Conditioning will meet at the Roosevelt High School track at 10 am! ***
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