Wednesday Group Strength and Conditioning

Wednesday at PDXstrength
6 am GS&C
7 am Open Gym
7:30 am Indoor and Zoom Bootcamp
10:30 am Open Gym
Noon Indoor and Zoom Kettlebell Club
Noon Open Gym
4pm Mad Skills
5:15pm/6:30pm GS&C
Here is the GS&C workout
Teams of 2,
1 work, 1 rest
25 min AMRAP:
-50 Cal row
-50 Arched body rocks or GHD arch ups according to ability
-50 banded squat jump for height (don’t tuck legs during jump)
*Try not to let posture break down in the jump. Don’t go to failure before switching with partner.
Arch body rock
Arch up
Scale GHD arch up to GHD hip extension if needed
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