Wednesday Group Strength and Conditioning

WOD = 6 Rounds:

-6 (each side), ATG split squat. Use weight if mobile enough to keep back knee off the ground

-6 Deadlift. Make sure Descent takes twice as long as ascent. Add weight as needed

-Max set dips. If you can do more than 10 dips, add weight. If you can’t do a dip, see scaling below


Aim to Work up in weight each round

rest as needed


Scale ring dips using:

-DB bench press in hammer grip for full range of motion

-Use Deficit ring push ups in hollow body position. Adjust the inclination angle to adjust level of difficulty

-use a dip negative with assistance of feet on a box with legs straight in front of you. Emphasize fully supporting yourself in top position and turning palms forward at the top

See dip Scaling concepts here


Wellness = Plank work!

3 R:

-30sec left side plank

-30sec right side plank

-1 min plank

*try to perform unbroken. You can change up the order with each round.

rest as needed”

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