Wednesday Group Strength and Conditioning

3 mile (5K) run. Cap at 30 min

another way to write this could be up to 3 miles on your feet outdoors (walk, jog, run) , but no more than 30 min.

Make every attempt to run as a group.  If the class is large, Kenyan queue will beideal and allow faster runners to adjust intensity.

Scale according to who is used to what volume.  For example, weaker runners might try to run with the group to the 800m turn around point, then wait there and recover till the group returns, resulting in three 800m intervals. Weaker runners could also walk up to the 30min cap.

One of the goals of today is ambient acclimatization along with lower limb conditioning. So at the very lowest level of scaling, having the athletes move outdoors for 30 min will suffice.

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