Wednesday Group Strength and Conditioning

Work through sets according to your ability.

Absolute Beginners warm up with 1 min row and 10 pike squats

If you don’t know where you are, start at the beginning. If you easily get through a round of work and mobility ubroken, you may move to the next step. Once you get to a step where EITHER the work or mobility seems challenging for multiple sets, Stay at that step for at least 3 rounds and calibrate according to the mastery chart.


If you know where you are, and have been practicing, then pick up where you left off using the mastery chart.


Coaches present options. Encourage everyone to start at the beginning. Lead the class through each step until everyone drops off at a stage that is good for them.


1) WORK: Parallel squat 10 reps

Squat with until hips are parallel with knees.


1) MOBILITY: Keeling side lift 5 reps each side.

With knee at 90 degrees, lift leg as high as possible in dog fire hydrant position. Eliminate No spine-wobble.

Keep hips square. i.e., if you try to raise hip too high and you don’t have mobility you may rotate your hips. Don’t do this.



2) WORK: Full air squat 10 reps. Preferably arms overhead

2) MOBILITY:  Kneeling circle, 3 reps each direction

With knee at 90 degrees, go through full range of motion (knee travels in circle) in both directions on dog fire hydrant position. Eliminate wobble in spine as much as possible



3) WORK: Elevated deck squat 10 reps

3) MOBILITY: kneeling parallel slide 10 reps



4) WORK: Deck squat 10 reps

4) MOBILITY: skiers 5 reps each direction



5) WORK: Cossack squat 10r

5) MOBILITY: Twisting squat 5 reps



6) WORK: Side to side squat. 10 reps

6) MOBILITY: inside squat 5 reps  go slowly



7) WORK: Speed skater squat. 5 each leg

7) MOBILITY: Natural leg extension/reverse Nordic.  5 reps   More details here



8) WORK: Hawaiian squat 5 reps per side

8) MOBILITY: Shoulder bridge leg curl  5 reps

Extend to full shoulder bridge between reps.

Use shirt, towel, socks or slider . You may need to go on the wood for this one.

Curl the feet all the way under the knees.

Extend out to a full shoulder bridge in between reps.


WOD 2 (2nd 20 minutes of class)

Go as far through the middle split warm up as possible in the remaining time.


GB middle split series warm up

1) -10R side to side squat

2) -2 min standing pancake

3) -10R side to side squat

4 & 5) -90s vertical frog (each  leg)

6 &7) -90s Kneeling piriformis stretch (each leg)

Scale with parallettes or go to lying piriformis

8) -2 min Diamond Frog

9) -30s Kneeling tuck

10) -2 min Frog

11) -30s Kneeling tuck

12) -90s Frog rock

13) -1 min butterfly Advanced athletes can use loaded butterfly

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