Wednesday Group Strength and Conditioning

10 sets of:

-5 Heavy Deadlifts + 5 Box Jumps. No more than 30/24

-Rest 2 min between sets



Warm up and attack all 10 sets with a heavy weight.

Perform the box jumps straight after your deadlifts.. The box jumps should be for max vertical height, and not speed. Aim to keep legs straight and feet dorsiflexed when airborne  . Step down from the box after each rep. If you have doubts about your ability to land on the box, choose a box low enough to guarantee safety, but still jump high.


WOD 2= 12 min EMOM

-Minute 1- 15/12 cal bike

-Minute 2- 12 Burpees

Keep core tight on burpees. Use legs as much as possible


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