Wednesday Group Strength and Conditioning

-20 jumping jacks

-10 side to side squat

-5 down ups

-10 deep lunges

-5 divebomber pushups. Take your time and stretch all that you can

-10 pike squat

-10 reverse lunge crossover step

-10 alternating lizard lunge

-10 alternating toe taps. Take your time. Use upper back and core to stabilize and stretch as much as possible feel free to use objects like support blocks/books etc


Take 5 minutes to warm up movements to WOD intensity, Warm up lunges with a view of keeping the back leg relatively straight both glutes engaged. Moderate intensity if your flexibility is limited.


WOD 1: 8 min AMRAP

– 4 to 8 Pike pushups box pushups or HSPU according to ability *

-16 alternating jumping lunges or weighted lunges


* If you need more than two sets, then reduce the number. If you have the ability and means to do HSPU, then please do so.


-Rest for 2 minutes


10 min EMOM. 2 Rounds Work for 40s and rest for 20:

– laying Windshield wipers

-cross body mountain climbers

– V sit slides

– hollow arch rolls

– rest 1 minute


Wellness 2R

-40s  seal stretch

-40s elevated cat

-1 40s  seated side straddle stretch each side

To open your chest, wrap a shirt or band around your foot and hold with opposite hand (right hand holds band wrapped around left foot) if you have mobility limitations. If you can’t open  your shoulder, still be sure to stretch your side and shoulder by holding onto the object wrapped around your foot. “

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