Wednesday Group Strength and Conditioning


-10 cat cow

-wrist series

-10 squat

-10 pike squat

-30s press handstand toe tap drill


Triple plank warmup

Spread hands as far apart from each other as you are able With elbows directly under shoulders and posterior pelvic tilt and toes pointed

-10 reps Protract and retract scapulae as much as possible (scapular pushup). Depress shoulders (away from ears)

-10 reps elevate and depress shoulders as much as possible

-10 reps in and out of posterior pelvic tilt


Warm up dip for 2R

-15 s at the top of the dip

-10 s at the bottom of the dip

– 2 x 10 second dip negative



-30s press handstand toe tap drill

Then. Test out all movements in the WOD, and make sure you are set up to go and transition. Set up towels, mats etc if you need. Aim for the maximum range of motion in each movement you can achieve without discomfort. Don’t rush the movements. This is not for time.


WOD = 2 Rounds 20 min EMOM. See movement details below

-15 incline pushups

-1 min table rock

-15 Pushups

-10 butterfly shrug

-1 min alternating plank row to wing

-10 double arm circles forward, 10 double arm circles backward

-10 pseudo planche pushup

-10 alternating twisting bear

-10 bench dip, floor dip or ring dip


don’t work for longer than 1 minute at any given station.

if you get to a movement or stage where you can’t continue, then repeat the last step you could successfully complete




3 Rounds

-30s static shoulder extension with PVC

-30s shoulder extension pike stretch

-1 min static shoulder flexion with PVC



Movement details

incline pushup

Use something about hip height



butterfly shrug/ scapular row


pseudo planche pushup

1) Lean forward until the hands are just in front of the hips.

2) Keep the scapula strongly protracted and depressed.

3) strong posterior pelvic tilt with toes pointed

4) turn fingers out if it helps .

5) don’t get saggy in the back. Keep hollow body

6) don’t let bodyweight shift backward on the way up.



plank row to wing


Bench dip

Keep shoulders away from ears and do not allow them to jutt forward. Keep scapulae strongly depressed (down). Elbows should move behind you as straight back as possible. It is not necessary to try to stretch into an uncomfortable range of motion. Find your natural range. If you feel shoulder discomfort, try externally rotating the arm (opening the chest) by pointing thumbs forward or at a 45 degree angle away from your body. Keep the shoulders down and away from your ears, point your elbows back and straighten from the elbows.

1) Initially you may find that you prefer descending only to 90 degrees until your shoulder mobility improves.

2) body vertical. Don’t lift hips at the top of the dip. Keep shoulders away from ears.

3) at bottom, get shoulders as close to hands as possible.

Consider using 2 boxes or benches so that feet are at the same height as hands or higher.

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