Wednesday Group Strength and Conditioning


-10 cat cow

-20 scapular pushes


4 min Tabata jumprope as follows (if you don’t have a jumprope- you can pretend )

-single skip

-side to side  bunny hop

-forward and back with feet together

-scissor step forward back

-in & out jumping jack style

-high knees

-butt kickers

-cross overs

-double unders



-10 arms overhead air squat. Keep elbows straight, touch elbows together behind your head if you can

-10 side to side squat

-10 deep lunges

-10 pike squat

-10 reverse lunge crossover step


Triple plank warmup

Spread hands as far apart from each other as you are able With elbows directly under shoulders and posterior pelvic tilt and toes pointed

-10 reps Protract and retract scapulae as much as possible (scapular pushup). Depress shoulders (away from ears)

-10 reps elevate and depress shoulders as much as possible

-10 reps in and out of posterior pelvic tilt



WOD 1= 2 Rounds

-2 min jumprope

-50 Air Squats

-2 min jog in place (big arm motion. Lift knees, but not high-knees)

-30 alternating lunges


Keep air squats legit. Arms overhead are better if you have the mobility.


Review movements for WOD 2


WOD 2. Core Finisher

6:00 EMOM (3 Sets)

A. 40s Tuck-ups

B. 40s Elbow Jacks*


Follow EMOM immediately by:

2:00 Elbow Plank


* For elbow jacks and elbow plank, aim to keep both elbows and wrists at shoulder width. Push the elbows as far away from your body as possible like you are doing a scapular push



-40 deficit double leg calf raises

-2 min seiza

-40 deficit double leg calf raises

-2 min curled seiza”

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