Wednesday Group Strength and Conditioning

Back to the pistol progression to keep our squat mobility and coordination.  Please remember to include some of this in  your daily limbering and movement snacks. We are working here to keep or improve the gains we make during lockdown. For those participating in this series over the last two months, hopefully some of this will feel like recovery/mobilization. For newer participatns, remember to stay within a range of motion where you have stability.if you have questions or difficulties and you have done more than 4 sessions of the pistol development, then talk to your coach and we’ll look at where to focus.



-400m jog

-30 deficit calf raises

-10 arms overhead air squat. Keep elbows straight, touch elbows together behind your head if you can

-10 side to side squat

-10 pike squat

-10 deep lunges

-10 twisting squat*

-10 jumping deck squat or single leg deck squat


* for twisting squat, use soft mat and go barefoot. Use hands for assistance if needed. If you can’t get out of the bottom then focus on controlling the lowering phase



3 Rounds Single Leg Squat development (24 min EMOM):

Reverse Lunge to Pistol Progression

Start at step 1 and go through the sequence with 10 reps per step according to your ability.

Aim for 1 step (10 reps) each minute .  If after testing each movememt you fing that there are some you cannot do, then repeat the highest step you can complete to finish out that round, them see if you can match or exceed your level in the next round


1. Reverse Lunge

2. Reverse Lunge with Plantar Flexion *

5. Hawaiian squat **

3. Speed Skater Squat (Reverse Lunge with back foot off the ground)

4. Pistol with back foot behind front heel (both feet touch the ground)

6. Pistol with back foot on front leg (calf or back of the knee)

7. Bottom up Pistol.  ***

8. Pistol



2 Rounds

-90s couch stretch each side

-90s curled seiza

-90 kneeling achilles stretch each side

-90s half hurdler stretch each side


* Rest the top of your back foot on the ground

If needed, scale steps 6 and 7 using a counterweight or holding onto an anchor for balance. If needed, you can use an object to “sit on” at a height that is appropriate for your range of motion.





*** start in the bottom of the squat with both feet on the ground. Stick one leg out in front of you and stand up using the other leg”

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