Wednesday Group Strength and Conditioning

Warmup: Go through the following sequence synchronized as a group. Maybe a space next to a pull up bar of choice will be optimal. Barefoot recommended.

-20 jumping jacks

-Wrist series

-20 scapular pulls

-90s table pose

-90s curled seiza (barefoot recommended)

-Ido squat warmup 1*

-scapular mobility routine**

-Accumulate 1 minute hanging from the bar. Advanced athletes can hang longer while they wait for the group

-Ido squat warmup #2 **


WOD: 4 Rounds

-45s seated shoulder flexion with pvc or weighted bar

Get hands as close together as you can while still able to unpack the shoulders. Pull head through and push palms backward.

-10 alternating Sott’s press and behind neck snatch press. Total of 20 reps. Increase weight each round. Take breaks if you need it. Add weight to PVC pipe as needed. Or use training bar or empty barbell if needed.

-10 alternating one arm hangs





– 10 alternating reps hip rotation on all fours. Be slow and gentle with internal rotation

-10 alternating squat hip rotations

– 90s toes stretch (curled seiza),

– 10 reps dynamic toes stretch

– 1 min static squat



** Manflow, scapular mobility:

2R Manflow prone scapular mobility


-30s prone Y (thumbs up) 1:19

-30s prone T (palms down) 2:12

-30s prone W (palms up) 3:08

-3 prone pull up 3:57


If too stiff to perform then lie prone on a bench and use the greatest range of motion you have.

If very flexible, then hold weight (3lbs or less) or resistance band. 5:03




-10 knee push each side. Do in sets of 5 with 20s hold every 5th rep. Try to extend arm


-10 sky reach each side. Do in sets of 5 with 20s hold every 5th rep. Try to extend arm


-15 Buddha prayers. Aim for max width

-15 Squat Bows with 30s hold on last rep

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