Wednesday Group Strength and Conditioning


-300m no run

-20 jumping jacks

-Wrist series

-10 cat cow

-20 scapular pushes

-10 arms overhead air squat. Keep elbows straight, touch elbows together behind your head if you can

-10 side to side squat

-6 inchworms

-5 outside inside outside back each side

-10 KB swings

-10 goblet squats with 5s descent and 5s hold at the bottom

-8 x 5s descent pushup negatives. Keep elbows in

-10 headcutters

-10 Sumo deadlift high pulls


Review and warm up each movement for the WOD


WOD: Complete as many rounds as possible in 25 minutes of:


-25 sumo deadlift high pulls

-25 push-ups

-25 thrusters

-25 hollow rock


Aim for quality of movement. If you are breaking movements up, then rest before failure and aim to keep sets consistent between rounds. Towards the end of the workout, aim for longer unbroken sets.

Focus on quality movement with smooth transitions as opposed to going as hard as you can.


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