Wednesday Group Strength and Conditioning

Warm up,

-Jog up to stairs at cathedral park

-wrist series.

-20 double leg deficit calf raises on the stairs.


Review movements and do a warm up, Practice run of2 rounds of 15s work and 30s rest at each station.  Focus on movement patterns and people flow,so they know where to go.


WOD = EMOM of 45s work per movement. 2 Rounds

– alternating plank row to wing


– L-sit. Thighs parallel. Knees can stay bent.Recommend using the wall at the stairs,


-toe tap plyos. Aim for target around mid shinheight or lower


– Push up + 4 mountain climbers, knee lift toopposite elbow. Incline OK


-step up + reverse lunge. *


-reverse plank . Elevate feet if you can keep hipsin line with knees


-front scale with 5 s pistol negative to seatedposition


– elevated plank walk outs..


– twisting bear


-rest 90s



*switch legs every 2 or 3 steps according to howfast you are.


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