Wednesday Group Strength and Conditioning

IF you don’t have a place to do pull ups or dips use sheet rows and floor dips or bench/chair dips. Be sure to point elbows behind you

Keep body rigid. Move feet closer to glutes to reduce difficulty.

You can also adjust difficulty by raising one leg, elevating legs or using some combination of the two


If you have the equipment for dips but not the strength, you can use a leg assist



Warm up

-10 cat cow

-wrist series

– 2 min systems check 1

-20 scapular pulls

– 5 reps prone weighted arm circle each direction. 2lb or less.

-2 min rocking table

-1 min hang

-5 x 5s push up negative

-accumulate 20s with chin above the bar

-15 s at the top of the dip

-10 s at the bottom of the dip

– 2 x 10 second dip negative

-accumulate 20s 3-stage segmented pull up or segmented pull up negative

-15 s at the top of the dip

-10 s at the bottom of the dip

– 2 x 10 second dip negative



WOD 1 =26  Min EMOM

-Odd  minute pull

-Even minute dip


Use the following rep scheme. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,6,5,4,3,2,1

So for example

Minute 1: 1 pulls

Minute 2: 1 dip

Minute 3: 2 pulls

Minute 4: 2 dips


Focus on the highest form you can manage. So for example, if one pull up feels to easy. Make it slow, pull higher or do an L-pull up.  In the higher sets, you don’t have to do all reps at once.  Break them into manageable chunks over the course of the minute but adjust  your version to the highest quality you can manage.


Wellness 2 Rounds

-20 backward arm circles

-20 forward arm circles

– 45 s Static Seated Shoulder Flexion  *

– 45s Static Standing Shoulder Extension


Go for biggest range of motion possible on arm circles. Slow down to unpack the shoulders if  you need

* *tilt forward and “”””pull”””” the hands behind the head.


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