Wednesday Group Strength and Conditioning

Warm up

-10 cat cow

-20 scapular pulls

-wrist series


-15s jumping jacks

-15s mountain climbers

-15s up downs (burpee without the pushup or jump


– 1 min max hold at the top of your pull

-10 arms overhead air squat. Keep elbows straight, touch elbows together behind your head if you can

-10 side to side squat


Barefoot recommended

-1 min plate goblet rock   0:46-3:25  Use hip bounce and ankle flexion according to mobility


-10 plate goblet pause partials. On each rep, Raise for 5 s before down and stand. 3:26-5:00* for twisting squat, use soft mat and go barefoot. Use hands for assistance if needed. If you can’t get out of the bottom then focus on controlling the lowering phase


Then one practice round

-3 pull ups

-6 push ups

-9 squats


Use what you  have. For example substitute pull ups with or 5/5 db rows, sheet pulls etc.



20:00 AMRAP

-5 pull-ups

-10 push-ups

-15 squats


Keeo moving.  Push ups are the most common burn out element, so start breaking these up before you need to.  Focus on great form, especially in the early rounds. Once you have the movement patterns dialed in, try to keep up the pace or go faster.


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