Wednesday Group Strength and Conditioning

WOD: 5 Rounds of 4 min EMOM: work 40 sec, rest 20

-40s hollow hold or rock

-40s rocking table

-40s double unders

-40s twisting bear

Follow WOD immediately with

-continuous jumprope for 4 consecutive minutes. *



3 Rounds

-30 second hold in goblet squat

-5 reps “I”, “Y”, “T”, “W”, and “O”


*Single unders are fine, but try double unders if you can. Also if you start with double unders, you can switch back and forth to Single unders to avoid having to stop.


In rocking table (Thoracic bridge series). Push backwards with scapulae. Shoulders back and away from ears. Push through thumbs side of the hand.


In twisting bear (Thoracic bridge series), take time to push strongly through the supporting arm, unpack the shoulder and open the chest.


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