Wednesday Group Strength and Conditioning

Our tried and true adaptation from Men’s elite gymnastics has not been much affected by the Pandemic. In fact the goal all along for the past several years of Gymnasticbodies has been to prepare for high-capacity work effectively and safely at home with as little equipment as possible. Alternate work and mobility for each WOD, go straight from work to mobility and back without more rest than a few breaths. Scale time or reps for work sets according to what you can hold with good form. If you have not done these a lot, it is fine if your work reps decrease as the set progresses today.



WOD 1 WORK 5 sets of 60 Hollow X (Choose an option from below)


WOD 1 Mobility 5 sets of 30s Table pose

1) Extend the hips upward all the way to shoulder height.

2) Do not allow the chest to cave in during this extension.

3) Pull shoulder blades together

4) externally rotate shoulders

5) hang head back




WOD 2 WORK: side over arch 5 x 10 reps

1) Allow the top foot to come forward and the feet to separate for stability

2) The obliques should arch fully at the bottom and then also arch fully at the top.

3) Keep shoulders away from ears, and arms straight

4) scale to elbow if needed


WOD 2 mobility: 5 x 10 reps standing trunk circle

1) Arch back strongly at the top of each rep.

2) Focus on a smooth circular motion.

3) Lean strongly to the sides





WOD 1 Hollow X Work options

A) 60s Bent Hollow Body Hold

1) Keep the lower back pressed firmly into the ground.

2) Keep the feet and shoulders off the ground during the set.



B) 60 reps Bent Hollow Body Rock

1) An arched lower back will prevent a smooth roll.

2) Keep the chin pulled downward towards the chest.

3) Distance between chin and knees remains the same

4) Don’t use knee bend for momentum



C) 60 s Straddle Hollow Body Hold

1) A wider straddle will quite strongly target the hips.

2) Do not allow the lower back to arch.

3) keep shoulder same height as ankles

4) Knees can turn out slightly



D) 60 reps Straddle Hollow Body Rock

1) Do not allow the feet to lift more than 6-12 inches at most.

2) Keep the arms in place by the hips at all times.

3) Do not allow the lower back to arch.

4) keep shoulder same height as ankles

5) Do not bend hips or knees for momentum



E) 60s Hollow Body Hold

1) The arms may also be placed down by the hips, however mastery requires arms overhead.

2) With a neutral chin keep the eyes focused on the ceiling.

3) Do not pike the  legs



F) Hollow Body Rock

FL/PE6 5x60r

1) keep roll smooth. Roll on lumbar spine only

2) Arms may also be placed down next to the hips, however mastery requires arms overhead.

3) Do not bend hips. Momentum must come from core only


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