Wednesday Group Strength and Conditioning

Rope climb Scaling:
-Legless V or L-sit rope climb
-Legless rope climb
-Rope climb with feet
-Rope row: 2 rope rows = 1 rope climb. Start lying on back with shoulders flat on the floor. Keep body -rigid with hips as straight as possible until you return to this position.
-Ring row: 10 ring rows = 1 rope climb
WOD 1: 5:00 AMRAP
-2 rope climbs
-15 calorie airdyne
5:00 rest
5:00 AMRAP
-15 calorie row
-15 KB swings
WOD 2/wellness = GB side lever
Class goal is preparatory element 4. If client is unable to do 3sets of 2 reps then scale down. Athletes who have already progressed past PE 4 can continue at their own progression.
WORK: Arch Up
SL/PE4 5x10r
1) Sit up to at least horizontal.
2) Lift the chin at the top of each repetition.
MOBILITY: Standing Weighted Oblique Stretch
SL/PE4>iM 5x30s
Basics are in this dumbbell side bend video
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