Wednesday Group Strength and Conditioning

6 min EMOM

-high hang snatch

-hang snatch

-snatch from the floor

* all snatches are squat snatch. Be sure to hit the high hang position on all reps. Start light and increase weight each round

WOD = 20min AMARP:

-5 Snatches 155/105

-3 Bar MUs

-10 Hang Power Cleans 155/105

-3 Bar MUs -15

Lateral Burpees over the bar

-3 Bar MUs

-20 Alternating Pistols

-3 Bar MUs


Scale bar muscle ups to jumping bar muscle ups. Position your box so that you can swing/hang down completely from the bottom of the muscle up. i.e., work on the negative. If jumping bar muscle up is out of the question then do 6 pull ups

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