Wednesday Group Strength and Conditioning

10 min EMOM****
-3 pullups
-3 dips
Muscle ups trump pull ups and dips. But only do muscle ups if you can get the full muscle up.
5 min AMRAP
3 R
-10 air squat
-10 jumping deck squat
-10 alternating lunges
-10 GHD hip extensions
-10 pistols
-10 alternating weighted step ups
This is a sprint!
Repeat every 4 minutes.
Aim for 3 rounds
*****1) If you can only do one pull up
Pull up to the top and Hold yourself with your chin above the bar or higher. Try to go higher from there, then descend smoothly (high hold and smooth eccentric)

2) If you can hold yourself at the top of the bar, but can’t get there on your own yet.
Start at the top of the bar and use a controlled descent that takes 3-5 seconds (slow eccentric)

3) If you can’t control your descent.
Try using a box and/or putting a barbell on the rack so that your feet are above your hips when you hang from the bar (like an L-sit). Do pull ups from this position (Barbell assisted pull up)

4) If you can’t do the barbell assisted pull up.
Do ring rows. Keep body straight and butt tight. Choose a level where you can pull your wrists past your chest. Then lower your elevation as you gain more strength. You can also do bar rows from a low bar using the same body position you will use for ring rows

5) If you can’t do ring rows.
Do bent over dumbbell rows. Pull the dumbbell past your chest

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