Tuesday Home Workout

-400m no run

-30 deficit calf raises with toes and heelstogether

-10 pike squat

-30 calf raises with heels together and toes apart

-10 back scale to single leg deadlift each leg. Noweight needed

-30 calf raises with toes together and heelsapart.



Jog or hike continuously for 30 min at a paceslightly above conversational. i.e., if you have a buddy it should not be thateasy for you to have a full-blown conversation.   This is meant to give you aerobic time onyour feet. If you feel like jogging for 30 min will beat you up, try to find alocal trail or something with rolling hills where you can get some elevatedheart rate without beating up your joints. If you can’t get to a trail, try aroute or park near your house where you can run mostly on grass, or get off theconcrete or roads.


Wellness: 2 Rounds

-90s half hurdler each side

-90s couch stretch each side

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