Tuesday Group Strength and Conditioning

Strict press
Warm up strict press to 75%, then
–75%x 5,
-85%x 3,
-95%x 1+.
-go for 1RM.
Work Capacity: Complete the following for time…
The goal is to accumulate 2000m row. Kicker is that at the top of every minute, perform the prescribed number of thrusters at 95#/65# before getting back on the ERG. It starts with row and goes like this:
0:00-1:00 = 1 thruster, row for meters
1:00-2:00 = 3 thruster, row for meters
2:00-3:00 = 5 thrusters, row for meters
*Keep going until you get to 2000 meters or hit the 20 minute time cap.

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