Tuesday Group Strength and Conditioning

21-15-9 of
-Deadlifts (225/155) (use no more than 70% 1RM)
-with 50 double unders following every set of deadlifts
We do not recommend kipping handstand pushups or stacking ab mats to reduce range of motion. We’d would prefer you to develop the strict HSPU where possible. The recommended scale for this WOD is 1 wall walk per 3 HSPU, or placing feet on a box for a decline push up where your hips are above your head, but your weight is supported in a modified HSPU that allows full range of motion.
So for scaling, you would do either 7-5-3 wall walks on the respective rounds or 21-15-9 modified HSPU
The range of Scaling options for handstand pushups are as follows
-Push Up
-Ring Push Up
-Decline Push Up where feet are higher than head
-Wall walks (substitute 1 wall walk for 3 handstand pushups)
-Handstand Push Up
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