Tuesday Group Strength and Conditioning


Today we work on progressions for straddle ups and mobility!
1) Test straddle up mobility
-10 reps
2) handstand compression drills forward
– 1 trip
3) straddle compression drill backward
-1 trip
4) Test Straddle ups
-10 reps
5) Bilateral Seated Straddle compression Lift
-10 reps
6) Unilateral Seated Straddle Compression lift. Same as previous, but use one leg
-10 reps each leg
7) Seated Straddle Leg Wipers
-10 reps.
8) Seated Straddle compression Leg Circles
-10 reps
9) Unilateral Seated Straddle compression Leg Circles
-10 reps each leg.
Same as previous but with 1 leg at a time
-60s vertical frog stretch each side
– 2 min frog stretch
-30s kneeling tuck
-90s frog rock.
-1 min butterfly stretch
-90s pancake shoulder each side
-10 reps seated good morning. wider legs are more difficult.
-10 reps pancake walk.
-10 reps pancake bounce
-10 reps pancake circles
-1 min floating pancake.
If mobility is low, consider sitting on one or more blocks
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