Tuesday Group Strength and Conditioning

Workout 1.

10:00 AMRAP 9-15-21-27-33…

-Wall balls



Workout 2= Front squat

Warm up to 75% 1RM front squat

-3 X 5 reps @ 70-80%

In WOD 1, start with small manageable sets. The goal is to keep moving as consistently as possible for you. This means not dying during the first set.

Scaling: Scale pull ups by volume or style. Keep wall ball numbers the same and scale by weight or height. Scaling pull ups by volume use thirds. For example Scaling down by one third gives you 6-10-14-18-22 Scaling by two thirds gives you 3-5-7-9-11 Scaling pull ups by style. Aim for the highest version where you can complete 4 or more reps at a time with good form when fresh. If you are working on getting your first unassisted pull up or can just barely eek out one or two, then Chin above bar holds are your friend today where 3 seconds above the bar =1 rep. IF you have a few pull ups but still need range of motion work, bands or ring rows are fair game today.

For the Front squat, if you know your 1RM, you can attempt to work off of that. Otherwise aim for a number close to where you got to for 5 reps in the 20 rep squat program

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