Tuesday Group Strength and Conditioning

20 min alternating EMOM

Odd- 15/12 Cal row

Even- 1 round of Cindy: -5 Pull-ups -10 Push-ups -15 Air Squats

*Scale reps on Cindy as needed to complete in 1 minute Ex. -3 pull-ups, -6 push-ups, -9 Air Squats

or -2 pull ups, -4 push ups -6 air squats

Workout 2: = wellness 10 min of Poliquin step https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycTK-ISOr2I

Goal = 5 sets of 20 on each side

Don’t rush today. Any version you choose should be pain-free. Scale to Patrick step if needed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTktLtISKek Remember to balance on one leg at the top of the movement. Use the Vastus to control the movement. Experiment with -Support under the heel (e.g., slant board) -Height off the ground (up to 6 inches) -Weight (don’t add more than 50% bodyweight. No one today should get close to 50% unless you have been doing this movement)”

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