Tuesday Group Strength and Conditioning

Partner workout = “31 HEROES”

31:00 AMRAP

-8 thrusters (up to 155/105)

-6 rope climbs

-11 box jumps (up to 30/24″)

-400m sandbag/D-ball run . For D-ball, no more than (50/40)


This is a Partner Workout. Partner 1 will perform the AMRAP of thrusters, rope climbs, and box jumps while partner 2 runs 400m with a sandbag. When the 400m sandbag run is completed, partners will switch places. Partner 2 picks up where partner 1 left off on the AMRAP while partner 1 completes a 400m sandbag run. Partners will continue to alternate in this fashion for 31 minutes.  An odd person out can Shadow  a partner in a team of 3.


Rope climb Scaling:

-Legless V or L-sit rope climb

-Legless rope climb

-Rope row: 2 rope rows = 1 rope climb. Start lying on back with shoulders flat on the floor. Keep body -rigid with hips as straight as possible until you return to this position.

-Ring row: 10 ring rows = 1 rope climb-

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