Tuesday Group Strength and Conditioning

For the WOD, please take note of  the weights you work up to. The series won’t work if you don’t keep records.


Front squat: Start with the empty bar. Keep hands at least 1 thumb length outside shoulders unless you have extreme elbow and shoulder mobility.

-work up to 5 rep max pause squat 3seconds at the bottom*

-work up to 5 rep max front squat you can reach in 4 sets or less**

-20 reps at 70% of 5 rep max #

#If 5 rep max did not increase from last time, still increase weight used on 20 rep compared to last


WOD 2 = Strict press for technique and posture


Increase weight each round.  Start light enough for 3 second eccentric per rep on the set of 10 (empty bar for most), and a 2s hold at the top on the round of 6.


Form is key here. Do not increase weight if form starts to decrease


* Bottom means the max depth you can go with back straight and good form. If you are rounding your back significantly then sit higher for now. Even if this means your hips do not go below your knees.


**Don’t worry if you don’t get to your absolute 5 rep max. Also don’t aim for this if the weight is uncomfortable. Today is about feeling things out as opposed to an absolute max effort.  If you feel like you reach the max you can lift with good form in 3 sets, then that is fine. You can omit the 4th set and go on to the 20 rep portion.

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