Tuesday Group Strength and Conditioning

10 min EMOM

– 10 VMO squat every minute


Members may add weight each round if they want. Don’t exceed 25% bodyweight. If you reach 25% bodyweight, stay at that weight for remaining rounds.


WOD 2 = wellness

3 sets not for time

-20 ATG seated good mornings  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhgC5kAOSa0


Start gently and experiment BEFORE you start you first set. Start unweighted if your range of motion is extremely limited.  You can use light weight if your belly button can almost touch the bench.

Adjust feet for 90 degree hip flexion when seated and keep ankles in front of knee.

Keep chest up and back muscles engaged (do not round back). Weights should only be a GENTLE assist to reaching your belly button to the bench.

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