Tuesday Group Strength and Conditioning

Complete as much as possible in 20 minutes of:

-Reps of body-weight bench press

-Feet of legless rope climb (from seated)


You can break this up in whatever way allows you to keep good form with the movements you have chosen. You do  not have to keep the same rep scheme for the entire 20 minutes.  Aim for a version that gives you the best quality reps without going to failure.  For example you may start out with sets of 10 Bodyweight bench press, but find that you eventually start struggling at rep 7… then reduce the number of reps you do in a subsequent sets.


If you can do a legless  rope climb of any sort, then don’t worry if you have trouble getting to the top of the rope. Climb as high as you can legless and come down in a safe and controlled manner. Keep the quality as high as possible even if the distance you climb each round is short


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