Tuesday Group Strength and Conditioning

Warm up

1 min jog in place

-10 arm circles forward

-10 arm circles back

-10 cat cow

-1 min jumping jacks

-wrist series

-10 alternating plank row to wing https://youtu.be/ZBdI5znGgtQ?t=313

-10 butterfly shrug/ scapular row  https://youtu.be/yB6zS8lt-DM?t=396   https://youtu.be/ZBdI5znGgtQ?t=410

-20 scapular pulls

– 10 reps camel bridge https://youtu.be/_94obIw4quE?t=460

-accumulate 20s with chin above the bar or holding a pull as high as  you can  on your apparatus.


-accumulate 20s 3-stage segmented pull up or segmented pull up negative  https://youtu.be/EihD_pt2AFA?t=314



20:00 EMOM (5 Rounds)

A. 5-10 pulls Adjust difficulty so that it is a 30-40s challenge

B. 30s Hollow Rock/Hold

C. 10 reps or 40s prone shoulder flexion and extension https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwrXtJdqfXU

D. 30s arched body hold/rock


Test movement and set up for WOD 2


WOD 2 = 4 Rounds

-10 bench dip.

-20s prone pectoral stretch each side twice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tatrv67rou8

-5 x 10s bench dip negative.  Posture is key. Don’t let shoulders roll forward.. push elbows back

– 10 arm circles forward, 10 arm circles backward


* Keep shoulders down and back. Adjust height of bench or feet to scale. Extend neck upward and imagine trying to touch elbows behind your back at the top of each rep


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