Tuesday Group Strength and Conditioning

-1 min cat cow

-wrist series

– 2min Systems check 1

-2 min run

-90s rocking table (fingers toward top of your head if able)

-2 min run

-90 twisting bear


WOD = 20 Min AMRAP

-200-meter run *

-1 minute of table.



* if you can’t measure, pick an out and back that takes  you about 40s to 1 min


** fingers pointing in direction of the top of your skull. Work to keep hips higher than shoulders



2 R

-10 pike squat

-90 min hanging pike

-10 pike squat

-90s seated pike


Treat the pikes like compression lifts. Pull your belly button toward your spine. Tighten quads, hips and glutes. Keep your spine long and try to bring your legs toward your torso”


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