Tuesday Group Strength and Conditioning


-20 Jumping Jacks

-10 Air Squats

-10 Push-ups

-10 Sit-ups

-10 Lunges

-20s Handstand hold.


-5 dislocate Pass Throughs

-2 Overhead squats- :10 s descent + 10 s hold in bottom

-5 Rep Squat Therapy (wall squats-facing the wall) @ 3311



3 sets:

-10 KB/DB Bulgarian split squat @3011

-REST 45s between each leg

3 sets:

-10 Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts @3011

-REST 45s between each leg



-30s each side Front Scale

-30s each side Back Scale

– 1 min Rest


Core Finisher

3 Rounds: 30s on/ 15s off

– Side to side (rotating) plank

– V-Sit Slides (raised leg crunches)

– Crossbody Mountain Climbers

– jumping deck squat



-10 Forward fold + exhale (toes elevated)

-10 Forward fold + exhale (heels elevated)

-10s Forward fold + leg squeeze (toes elevated)

-10s Forward fold + leg squeeze (heels elevated)

-10 Slow bootstrappers”





Any weight you can hold with a handle grip in each hand today is fine.  Milk or laundry soap containers filled with something is good. If you have no weights you can still do the WOD


The goal of today’s WOD is to introduce to Rep tempo notation used by bodybuilders and weightlifters.


Rep tempo is typically shown as a 3 or 4 digit code that looks something like this: 3-1-3-0. Each number denotes the amount of time in seconds to perform a specific portion of the exercise.


The first digit (3) is always the eccentric (‘lowering’ or ‘negative’) portion of the lift. In a lunge, that would be lowering from standing tall to the bottom of the lunge for a count of 3 seconds.

The second digit (1) represents hold time at the mid-point of the lift. Again, in the lunge, you would hold at the bottom of the lunge for 1 second before initiating your stand up.

The third digit (3) would then be the concentric (‘lifting’ or ‘positive’) portion of the lift. This would be the act of standing (rising) from bottom position to top during a count of 3 seconds.

A fourth digit (0), which will not always be used, represents the time at the top of the lift. When there is no fourth number, or in this case with a 0, there is no time spent at the top of the lift (standing position for the lunge).


The theory behind tempo reps is that they can

-Improve development of connective tissue

-Improve body awareness and control

-Improve motor control of the lifts

-Improve stability


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