Tuesday Group Strength and Conditioning

10 R
Every 90s
– 1 high hang snatch (start with vertical torso)
– 1 snatch from top of knee cap
– 1 snatch from floor
* start at any weight you like. Try to Increase weight every round
Teams of 2
15 min time cap
With one partner holding a front rack kettlebell hold in order for the other partner to work, perform:
-20 calories on rower
-15 box jumps (24/20)
-10 overhead squats (75/55)
*One Partner must hold 2 kettlebells (53/35) in front rack position while standing, for any reps to count. Switch at any time. The same partner can pick up the kettlebells after placing them down as many times as you need, but the other partner must stop once the bells touch the ground.
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