Tuesday Group Strength and Conditioning

WOD Use the following video as a guide https://gethealthyu.com/agility-ladder-drills-to-burn-calories/?jwsource=cl

Perform each drill four times in a row. Use the first try as a warm up with each foot. The next two tries are for speed and accuracy. While you try to go through the ladder fast during the exercise, the session is not for time. Evaluate each performance and see how you can improve on the next trip. Keep your mind engaged. If it seems too easy, then you are not going fast enough or accurately enough.

1. Single Foot In Each Square

2. Two Feet In Each Square

3. Lateral Stepping Two feet in each square

4. Jumping Jack Feet Two feet jump together in a square, then jump out while moving down the ladder

5. In In Out Out

6. Lateral Carioca Grapevine as you move across the ladder. Alternate the side you lead with, for example, do right then left

7. Cross-Overs One foot crosses front and steps in square; two feet step to the side and then keep repeating, keeping one foot in the square, two feet on the side

8. Icky Shuffle Two feet step in a square; one foot to the outside

9. Single Foot Hops Do right, then left. 4 trips each leg for a total of 8 trips

10. Side Shuffle Inside foot moves in and out of each box while the outside foot is keeping pace with an alternate step

11. Walking Push-ups In each square as you move laterally down the ladder

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