Tuesday Group Strength and Conditioning

5 X 5
5 X 3
5 X 3
This is week 3 of our latest strength program!
Be sure to warm up separately for each movement. For example: warm up push press with the empty bar, and warm up with unweighted pull ups. Working with a partner is a good idea here, even if the gym is not crowded. Take a look at your notes from last week for your working weights today. If you missed the last Tuesday or two, no worries! There’s no better time to start.
Calibrate your weight increase each week, so that by the end of 7 weeks you’ll be on track to match your 5 and 3 rep max weights for 5 sets. A good target is a 5% increase per week. This allows you to focus on technique so that you don’t hit a stalling point in the upcoming weeks.
If you like, You can download a sheet for this program (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14Te4m4CRxKpNSRpOdwIobd7ov1MilF1tNBbxX66vfUU/edit?usp=sharing ), enter your maxes, print it and bring it in!
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